• When: 2019-07-26
  • QIC: Short Haul
  • The PAX: Rocking Chair (R), Pickaxe, Ken Doll, Wingback, Argyle, Rock Drop (R), Short Haul

A New Twist on Connect 4

The PAX of Urban Legend had a tough Q last week with Knozit taking them on a field trip (great BB too), so YHC decided to keep things “fun” and on-campus. The crowd was a bit lighter than anticipated, but it made for a better competition in the end, with some pretty winded PAX by the looks of it.

#TCLAPs to the PAX of UL, they were able to follow YHC’s instructions for the games, and didn’t have any issues playing by the rules. That’s more rare than you’d think!

Conditions: 69 degrees and pretty nice


The Thang —
Run a big lap around the lot, circle up for warmup on top deck of garage:
Merkins x50 OYO
SSH x40 IC
MTC x30 IC
TTT x20 IC
OHC x10 IC
LBAC (rev) x10 IC

Count off in 1’s and 2’s and form two teams (Team Navy and Team White). Mosey back towards the bottom of the parking garage and explain the rules on the way down:

Fuzzy Balls of Fury (UL Edition) —
Both teams will start on the lower level of the parking garage. On YHC’s go, each team will send a PAX up their ramp to the top level where they will take a tennis ball from their colored cones set. They will then run down the opposite ramp from the one they came up, and return the ball to the bag. Once the ball is in the bag, the PAX will call out the exercise on the ball, and the team will perform that exercise. Once all PAX have finished the prescribed exercise, then AND ONLY THEN, may they send the next PAX up the ramp to retrieve the next ball. After all balls have been returned to YHC’s bags, and all reps performed, the last PAX must run up the ramp, grab all of their team’s cones, and return to the start. Since YHC was the odd man out, Q stayed at the bottom level to call static exercises for the PAX who were waiting for their team mate to return. (Al Gores, planks, squats, BBSU’s, etc.)

Team Navy took the crown here by about a 20 second margin.

Cardio Connect 4 —
YHC spotted a convenient 5×5 grid on Google maps and thought… hmm, we can use that for pain… but how? Eureka! Here’s how the game works:

Set up:
Each team will have a line of PAX behind a ‘throwing line’, with YHC between two Cornhole boards roughly 30 feet away.

-The first PAX in line will step up to the line
-As a team, all PAX will perform 3 burpees to earn a Cornhole bag to toss
-First PAX will toss said bag at the cornhole board; if he lands ON the board, then he’ll earn 1 connect four token; if he sinks it in the hole, he’ll earn 2 tokens; if he misses completely then he has wasted his shot, and another bag must be earned with another set of team burpees
-If a PAX is struggling to hit the target, he can pass and tag out. The next PAX up will throw
-Once token(s) are obtained, the PAX who scored the token(s) will sprint to the connect 4 grid, and lay down the piece(s). We’re playing on a flat surface, so gravity will be simulated by ensuring no pieces are allowed to “float”
-After token placement, the active PAX will now sprint back and the next PAX at the throwing line will now direct his team to perform the burpee, and play continues.

-The game is over when any one team completes a “connect 4” or the game ends in a draw

YHC wasn’t prepared for the amount of misses that occurred this morning. After about the 5th set of 3 burpees from misses, YHC called that only 1 burpee was necessary to earn a Cornhole bag, and after further misses, YHC ended up pushing the boards closer by about 2-3 feet. Those changes got the PAX on target, and team White took the first game.

We reset and after 2 quick Cornhole bags in the hole, worth two tokens each, team Navy came surging back.

For the final and tie-breaking game, YHC moved the boards back to the original spots, and play commenced. There were a few misses, but after a while both teams had their aim dialed in. Again team White prevailed with a critical two-bag shot.

With about 7 minutes left, the PAX helped YHC  clean up and circled up for abs:

Ab Torture: Flutter Kick x5 IC, modified Iron Cross x10 OYO (don’t let feet touch in between at any point, repeat 3x)

American Hammer x10 IC
Ray Charles x20 IC
Modified Oblique LBC x20 IC each side

Announcements —
Stomp the Swamp to support RBHS CC — 8/24/19 — Sign up link, discount code F3RBXC, more info here
Jailbreak escape, 8/24/19
F3 Decathalon — Sign up sheet — 7/27 8am @ Ben Lippen HS

Prayer Requests —
Praise for Maggie’s successful trip to Memphis; prayers for dealing with household issues for the Capps

Devo — Psalm 19:13
    Keep your servant from deliberate sins!
Don’t let them control me.
Then I will be free of guilt and innocent of great sin.