• When: 2019-07-23
  • QIC: Timber
  • The PAX: Skipper, Big Load, Schrute, Bolt, Wojo, Kiffin, Neon, Mayplant, Tweetsie, Cornwallis, Sacajawea, Mayhem, Harper Valley, Hope Solo, Timber

Super Burpee Calorie Burn

Conditions:  75 degrees and clear


The 55 Burpee start to the morning got calories burning from the word exercise.  The Pax worked super hard and YHC was impressed at how conditioned the group seemed to be.  The Pax completed everything on the Q Sheet with nothing left on the table.


 Mosey to Rectory and Lyttleton

 Warm UP

SSH IC x 25
-TTT’s IC x 20
-Imperial Walker IC x 20
-Frog Crunches IC x 15
-Squats IC x 15

Light pole circuit

Run 5 Poles along Lyttleton St. with 10 Merkins at each stop for 50 merkins total.

-The Thang

10’s- 2 stations inside the park 40 yards apart. Perform one exercise per station increasing reps by one each visit finishing at 10 reps per station. The fountain work was sandwiched between the two rounds of 10’s.  (55 total per exercise)

Round 1:   Burpees & Jump Squats

Round 2:  BBSU’s & Flutter Kicks (LR=1)

-Fountain Work

Round One:        25 Incline Merkins, 25 Dips, 25 Decline Merkins, 25 SSH

Round Two:       20 Incline Merkins, 20 Dips, 20 Decline Merkins, 20 SSH

Round Three:     15 Incline Merkins, 15 Dips, 15 Decline Merkins, 15 SSH

-Light Pole circuit back to flag

Run 5 Poles along Lyttleton St. with 10 American Hammers at each stop for 50 American Hammers total.