• When: 
  • QIC: Quisenberry / ThumbsUp
  • The PAX: All are Welcome

PRE BLAST: F3LexSC to Launch F3Whetstone

Do you ever have that feeling that “It’s Me, and only Me” when you go through struggles?  Guess what:

Its not just you.

You aren’t the only one.

You are not alone in this Journey Called life.

It’s All of us!

Wouldn’t it be cool to find someone who has maybe already walked the same path you are on? It would be great to get a “Heads-Up” on things they experienced.

These Pax are sometimes hard to find, and those relationships may be more difficult to develop.

Well, here is a start to that process and we will see where it goes.

  • What: F3WHETSTONE The vertical relationship between men. (Q1.8).
  • Who: The Pax of F3LexSC
    • BLADE A man who is Sharpened by another man within a Whetstone relationship.
    • STONE A man who Sharpens another man within a Whetstone relationship.
  • When: Sundays, 6:50 am-7:30 am after F3Tread, beginning July 28th.
  • Where: Boxcar in Lowes Foods, Sunset Blvd/Hope Ferry Rd
  • Why: What was said above to start with…. as well as one of the best things of F3 is the #ISI (Iron Sharpens Iron) that takes place when you spend time with other #HIM on a consistent basis.