• When: 2019-07-25
  • QIC: Hope Solo
  • The PAX: Schrute, Neon, Wojo, Big Load, Sacagawea (Respect), Mayhem (Respect), Timber, Flight Risk, Abby Wambach (Respect), Crackhead (Respect), Skipper, Bolt (Respect), Kiffin, Tweetsie, Cornwallis, Hope Solo

Candidly, this is going to suck.

Disclaimer. Last Workout led was in November 2018. Been a long sabbatical, so I have lots to pack in.


Grab Bricks—Mosey to Lyttleton/Chesnut.

Copper Head/Slow Squat, IC X 15
Little Baby Arm Circles—Forward, Backward with Bricks.

The Thang:

Indian Run to Top of Pine Street.

25 Merkins
25 Hello Dollys

Indian Run to Greene Street. Hold Plank until everyone arrives.

25 Plank Rows, L& R equals 1
25 Big Boy situps, with Bricks.

Indian Run to Greene/Mill Street. Hold Plank until everyone arrives.

25 Slow squat press with bricks
25 American Hammers, L&R equals 1

Indian Run to Mill Street/Brevard Place. Hold Plank until everyone arrives.

25 curls with bricks.

On 6
ABCs—spell out alphabet with legs six inches off ground.

Water break at Abby Wambachs. We then lost Abby Wambach.

Indian Run to Union/Mill Street

25 Raise the Roof
25 LBCs with bricks

Indian Run to Mill/Chesnut Street.

25 Plank Jacks holding bricks.
25 Dying Cockroaches.

Broad Jump Burpee/Lunge up Chesnut Street.

Do a Burpee, Broad Jump after the Burpee, then lunge walk—10 lunges (5 right, 5 left). Rinse and Repeat up the Hill to Fair Street.

Mosey to Rectory Square.

25 SSH with Bricks.
25 Freddy Mercuries.

Ab Work—hold 6 inches, up to 45 degrees, 25 Flutter Kicks.

We then moseyed back to the flag for COT, Counteramma, and BOM.

Announcements: F3 Pool Party organized by Wojo to be held Thursday, August 1st from 6-9pm at Camden Country Club. More details to follow.

Prayer Request: Continued prayer’s for Schrute’s father in recovery from mild stroke; Pray for Big Load’s mother in her recovery from knee surgery and strength to get through Physical Therapy.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead—I hope its not another 9 months between Qs!