• When: 2019-07-26
  • QIC: Booster (I guess?)
  • The PAX: Cheddar, Double Fault, Sweetart, Watergate, Black Lung, Steel Toe, Dance Off, Booster

Half field lacrosse goal futbol at Clash

Was it even real futbol? With lacrosse goals running sideline to sideline, throw-ins being replaced by kick-ins, and Double Fault using his hands like a pro bowl left tackle fighting for position, the crowd in attendance had to be perplexed trying to identify what they were watching. Nonetheless, there was a game. With Pinot on vacation, nobody knows the actual score but the team of Dance Off, Sweet Tart, Watergate, and YHC beat Steel Toe, Cheddar, Double Fault, and Black Lung by what was probably a pretty large margin.

In Clash backblast fashion your top 5 moments from today:

1) Had to be Double Fault and his efficient use of his hands, on multiple occasions (mostly on Dance Off when Dance off was trying to get around him to get the ball). Picture this- Dance Off is Jadeveon Clowney trying to get around and offensive lineman/ or he is Steph Curry trying to work through a pick on the baseline/ or he is Jesse Spano in the Save by the Bell episode with Zack Morris holding her to prevent her from taking the caffeine pills to help her study (google Jesse Spano I’m so excited and you will see what I mean). Perfectly legal use of the hands IMO

2) MVP for the losing team was the lacrosse goal. There had to be at least 34 shots that hit one of the side posts or else the unknown score would have been a lot worse.

3) Sweetart was on pace for a PR for goals scored until Dance Off rained on his parade and told him the three goals Cheddar scored in his own goal by deflection weren’t credited to Sweetart just cause he was closest to Cheddar at the time of deflection. Then Dance Off said “Bless your tart.” It was funny.

4) I have a crink in my neck from the consecutive corner kicks that went back and forth at one time during the contest. For 10 straight minutes this how the game went. Corner kick on left side toward goal, deflected by defense out of bounds, corner kick on right side toward goal, deflected by defense out of bounds, corner kick on left side toward goal, deflected by defense out of bounds, etc etc etc. i was mainly an onlooker most of the game with the three studs I had on my team, so most of that time I felt like a tennis ball boy at the net just following a ball from side to side.

5) Shout out to Steel Toe. Award today for most shots on goal regardless of direction or actual results. But it comes in hard and you better watch out.

Frisbee at RHBC next week.

Mission Cookout August 9th. Training Wheels is the contact there.

Prayer Requests-Swanson’s family, Alex and Carrie Lewis birth of their child