• When: 2018-12-18
  • QIC: Escobar and WeeWee
  • The PAX: Julep, Drysdale, Abner, Two Star, Dominion, Butt Dial, Flipper, Twerk, Escobar, Up Charge, Rec, and WeeWee

A New #TheFlood returns to Surge & We Remember Digits

Similar to the BB’s we’ve read this morning, we are all in complete shock in the passing of our FiA sister Digits this morning.  We will continue to pray for this family – I know she was a wife, mother, daughter and friend.  There are so many people that love her and supported her.  I remember several weeks ago talking with her husband Joey (F3 Stella) about her and how she had a goal of running a marathon on every continent.  I knew she was definitely serious about running – I know she passed us on her way to Lexington High School every Tuesday and Thursday on our StrideLite route up Calks Ferry and then left on Spring Hill towards the neighborhood they lived in while she was on her way to run with her FiA sisters.  I always recognized the headlights and she always moved over into the other lane as she passed us and we would give her a wave – just like we did this morning.  Pray for the family, pray for Joey, pray for those 3 kids, pray for her friends, pray for our FiA sisters — they will need F3 and FiA during this difficult time and especially during this time of year.  Found this prayer below and it reminded me that God surrounds us all the time even when we are running like Digits was…today Digits went to heaven and can run the streets of gold and never get tired.

Run by my side; live in my heartbeat;

give strength to my steps.

As the cold surrounds, as the wind pushes me,

I know you surround me.

As the sun warms me, as the rain cleanses me,

I know you are touching me, challenging me, loving me.

And so I give you this run.

Thank you for matching my stride.


Below is what we did this morning…

YHC sent a text message over to WeeWee Monday afternoon asking if he wanted to shake up the Flood a little.  He asked what I had in mind and it involved using some coupons and changes to the exercises but we still did bear crawls.

Conditions: Clear and cold

WeeWee got us going by letting the PAX know that we’d be changing things up with the Flood this morning and let us know that neither him nor YHC are professionals.

The Thang:

Mosey to pick up a pole and then head to the sign at the entrance to the school.  See map for more details.

We started by doing 5 burpees at the sign and then at every red box the exercises rotated between squats/curls for the girls and chest press/overhead press all with the logs.  Carrying the logs as you go through the workout.  We ran from red box to red box and performed 5 burpees at the front of the school.  Once we completed the loop through the parking lot we bear crawled around the traffic circle (orange line) and then ran back to the sign to start lap 2 with the 5 burpees.  We started with 11 of each exercise and increased by 1 each lap. (12, 13, etc.)


Prayer Requests:

Wells Family in loss of wife & mother – Diane Wells (Digits)

Two Star Mother-in-Law

Suzanne Johnson – Rec wife shared testimony

Escobar baby doctor visit on Thursday

Up Charge death of family doctor this past weekend

PAX unspoken request


Dam to Dam – looking for two Surge teams

Nativity Ruck – Courthouse

New Year’s Day convergence – 7am at RBHS Stadium (Graveyard AO)

Mentoring with local schools – get with me, WeeWee or Ken Doll