• When: 2019-01-03
  • QIC: Moist
  • The PAX: DriSoket, Muggy Tape, Trickle, Navy Bean(R), Sun Drop, Moist

A changing of the Guard

So many emotions… So many memories… So many hours invested.. So much to be thankful for..

This Q would be YHCs last as the AOQ. When you work so hard pouring so much into something you would think it would be hard to just give it up. This is not the case for YHC…. for with zero doubt and no reserve the SF of CAT will be handed off to  a HIM that will not only continue what was started, but will make it better.

Conditions:  Perfect for a beatdown… does the  temperature even matter? Hot or cold your still gonna sweat!

Disclaimer and Prayer

Mosey about 20 feet and circle up

TTT x 10 IC

IW x 11 IC

SSH x 12 IC

LBACs x 10 IC forward

LBACs x 10 IC Reverse

Mosey to the fenceline

The Thang:

Round 1-  Bobby Hurley‘s

*Paid tribute to Scotch as HIM becomes the AOQ at The Hollow.*

Start at the first  pillar with a rep of 1

Mosey to the next and add 1 Rep.

R&R until you reach the end (12)

THAT SUCKED!… so let’s do it again.

Round 2- Squats

You know the drill

Mosey to the block oil and grab 2.

OHC 1 block 50 yards

10 Merkins

Jailbreak back 50 yds back

10 Merkins

OHC 2nd block 50 yards

10 Merkins

Farmer’s carry both blocks back 50 yds

R&R 2 more sets

plank on the 6.

Round 2- Same Thang but replace Merkins with Curls 4 Girls

Plank work waiting on the 6.

return the blocks

Mosey to the Parking Lot

Peoples Chair for 2 minutes

Handed over the SF to one of the best dudes YHC has ever known. CAT is in the best hands.

count o rama

name o rama




**T-Claps to Dozer for starting this AO. Some of YHCs best memories have been with these men at stupid early hours show up and make life better.

Its been an honor and a privlege to be accountable to the PAX of CAT.