• When: 2019-01-04
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Booster, Olive Oil, Lumbergh, Chop Block, Double Fault, Sweet Tart, Lap Dog, Cheddar, Black Lung, Ryans, Pepto

Pfroccer in the Preciptation

YHC should start at the end.  YHC & 2.1 decided a nice hot coffee after this morning’s daring outdoor adventure would be in order.  YHC drove to the local Celestialbucks.  While inside, mind you around 615AM, the barista asked how YHC’s day was going.  “Fine, a little soggy, but a fun start so far!”  “Oh yeah,” begged the barista. “Most definitely.  A little froc…, I mean frisbee to get the day going is always fun.”  (Froccer if googled means men playing flag football in women’s clothing.  YHC figured he wouldn’t break in the barista to the concept of F3 with thoughts of cross dressing.)  “You’ve already been playing frisbee, this early?!?” questioned the barista.  “Oh yeah, you should join us,” YHC responded with enthusiasm.  “What time do you start?” questioned the barista. Umm, this is where YHC always loses people, “5am…”  Blank stares ensued, yeah, YHC didn’t think this was going to go well.  “Hmmm, I was hoping to find a way to get my day going in the early hours, instead of work, but I don’t know about running around at 5am, playing frisbee, in the rain.”  Yeah, it’s not for everyone but it is fun.  Just ask the other 10 pax who joined YHC this morning.

Conditions: 56’F, a little damp, not too breezy.  Did YHC mention it was damp?  Probably from the rain that occurred for 58 out of 60 minutes of game time.

Disclaimer: We aren’t professionals (clearly visible this morning), the church isn’t liable, and don’t hurt yourself.

The thang: Circle up count of 1s and 2s.  YHC was tricked into wearing a less than fresh penny.  In the penny keeper’s defense, the water heater is down at that pax’s house.  We played froccer for almost the full hour.  It took a little while to get going.  Froccer for those not in the know is essentially ultimate frisbee, but instead of catching it in the endzone, you have to throw it into a junior sized soccer goal, and it has to fly in.  No rollers allowed.

Highlights of the game:  Pepto showed off his mad jumping skills by jumping way too soon.  YHC saw him get a hand on the disc despite the early jump, the offense unfortunately caught the deflection and scored anyway.  Olive oil hit Cheddar in the buttocks from 20 yards out.  Great defense, Cheddar!  Booster tried to Ted Williams Black Lung.  There is a replay gif available by Double Fault on Twitter.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  Chop Block had a lot of hammers.  Unfortunately, due to wet conditions they fell a little short, or was it long?  Needless to say, no one had an amazing performance today.  Sweet tart was a scoring machine.  Lumbergh and Lap Dog were solid on both sides of the disc this morning.  We might need to get a pair of cleats for Ryans.  His a lot of pax sliding in the mud.  He threw a couple of great punts down field to keep the losing team from scoring.


Prayer Request

Olive Oil- water heater and alternative living arrangements

Sweet Tart- health concerns with wife

Double Fault- friend’s wife’s health.

Praise for new baby in Phantom’s world

Several others both spoken and not spoken