• When: 2019-09-12
  • QIC: Ponzi
  • The PAX: Postal, Buble, Giggity, Mia, Rumblestrip, Pennyworth, Bondo, Caravan, Blue Rhino, Danica, Overexposed, Boo Boo, Wingback, Bar Crawl, Adluh, Ponzi

A Burpee, A Block and A Hill

YHC was, as always, honored to lead the Detainees. With 9 pax for SL, the parking lot was crowded when YHC rolled up, and the humidity in the air indicated it was going to be a good day. 16 total would take on the Gloom.

Weather: 80ish and humid

The Thang:
Mosey into the back. Circle up.
SSH x50 4ct IC
LBACs x15 Forward/Backward 4ct IC
Overhead clap x15 4ct IC
TTT x10 4ct IC
Mosey to the block pile. This got the Pax who did the IPC on Tuesday real excited. Looks like a day of rest was plenty.
Mosey to the sidewalk in front of the Principal.
20 Burpees over the block front to back OYO
20 sumo squat jumps OYO
20 merkin block drags OYO
Bear crawl up the Principal with your block
Farmers carry back to the bottom
Mosey around the loop to the steps, 3x up and down the stairs, back to the blocks
20 burpees over the block side to side
20 thrusters OYO
20 inclined merkins
Bear crawl up the Principal with your block
Farmers carry back to the bottom
Mosey around the loop to the steps, 3x up and down the stairs, back to the blocks
On your six on the Principal
Flutter Kicks x50 4ct IC
Russian Twist x10 4ct IC
Return your block to the block pile and mosey back to the flag

Sept 21, 9/11 event at Batesburg-Leesville High School presented by F3 Smokehouse
P200 team forming for Detainees
November is Cheech 10k and registration is open
Ranger is collecting goods for friend flying supplies to Bahamas

9/11 survivors and all impacted there after
Those dealing with illness, cancer
Those deploying
Steve Ellisor recovering from heart surgery

YHC delivered something that was not really a devo but a thought. Given that it was 9/11 yesterday, it is hard not to reflect on that day, the consequences of it, and where and how it changed all of us. YHC heard something recently that goes like this: If the average person influences 1000 people through the course of their life, and those influence 1000, and those influence 1000, every individual is 2 people removed from influencing 1 billion people. YHC has heard it said that one person cannot change the world. Is that true? 18 years ago, 18 men flew 4 planes into 3 buildings and a field in Pennsylvania. 3000 Americans died that day, and over 7000 Soldiers and Marines have died since then fighting the wars that followed. Countless others carry the scars of war and the pain of loss from 9/11. Those 18 terrorists not just changed the course of history, but I would dare say the touched a billion lives worldwide indirectly, whether or not they meant to. They chose to do evil, but the exact same impact can happen when individuals do good. Everything you do matters. In YHC’s house we talk a lot about the drop of water you put in your bucket everyday. It’s where the ripple goes that you may not see, but it has intended and unintended consequences that reach far beyond what you will ever know. Be deliberate and be the best version of yourself that you can be. When your influence reaches one billion, let it be the brightest light that it can be, and maybe you too can change the world.