• When: 2018-05-02
  • QIC: Granola
  • The PAX: Itchy (R), Short Haul, Wapner, Pearl, Whisper, Netflix, Simon Says, Tater, Spackle (R), House (R), Booster, Fast Casual, Granola (R)

A Bakers Dozen are Left in Whiteford

13 Pax for an out and back through Whiteford 21 minutes and turn around.

Conditions: 50ish – Really nice running conditions
Circle up.

count off – 13 pax at the start.

leave Crusade and head left on Hwy 6 toward Hwy 378. Take a left into Whiteford and keep taking left hand turns for about 22 minutes. Turn around and start making all right hand turns until returning to Crusade.

circle up.
count off again – 13 pax to finish.
5/5/18 2nd Annual F3 Third F 5K

Prayer Requests:
Dear Diary – going through cancer treatment – ringing the bell Friday


Another form of “Laying Bricks”, considering all the background work that is done long before a person stands on the podium (1st, 2nd, 3rd). What we see is the payoff. What we don’t see is all the work to get there.

The owner of my 2.0’s gymnastics gym posted a picture yesterday of 3 people on a podium, but below the podium were many many extending layers of all that got them there (hard work, perserverence, frustration, dedication, failure, injury, etc.). But, take a moment and think of all the places in life that it applies.
After completing my first marathon, it wasn’t that 3 1/2 hours that I was most pleased/impressed with. No, it is the months of consistently getting out there and completing all the early morning training runs that stand out the most to me.
What about the pastor who some people say only works on Sunday, but spends all week ministering to the flock, and stays months ahead praying ocer, planning and preparing the message for that given week.
Or, a successful marriage. We all know those don’t “just happen”.
Consider, a work project that was completed successfully and on time.
How about this one, a neighbor or friend who accepts Christ into his heart. THAT is in God’s time, but we are blessed enough to be included in the foundation.

Go out today and lay some foundation.