• When: 04/21/15
  • QIC: Floppy Disk
  • The PAX: Peachy, Recall, Half Empty,Knozit, Dunphy, Hash n Rice, Bob the builder, Lego, Scotch, Coon Dog, Sawdust, Notebook, Muggy Tape, Meatball, Grave Digger, Tarball, Weezy, Scooper, Watson, JJ, Ponzy, Pew, Slumlord, Elmers, Buzzsaw, Yeehaw, KenDoll, Floppy Disk

90’s Rock Band Tribute

The banter started weeks ago with some of the @F3LexSC pax talking about the “softness” of @Graveyard and our plush surroundings. As a Graveyard pax YHC decided to sign up on the Q list to deliver a little present. That present came in the form of 90’s Rock Bands. 28 Pax jumped out of the Fartsack to receive the present that lit up the twittersphere the night before.

Conditions– Beautiful morning for some 90’s music

Burpee Train x 25 – Nightrain – Guns and Roses (GNR)
Mosey to Concession stand

Ascending Testicles – Selling the Drama – Live
Triple Nickel

Mosey to field

Back Plank – Animal – Pearl Jam
Crab Humper
The Chinook – overhead arm circles
Crab Jacks- Daughter – Pearl Jam
Low Country Crab
Crab Crunch

Skip the length of the field x 2 just for harassing the Graveyard pax for being soft – Say it isn’t so – The Outfield

Circle Up
Knerkin x 15IC – Welcome to the Jungle – GNR
Hillbillies x 15IC
Seal Jack x 15IC – Epic – Faith No More

Mosey to Sandbox
Sandbox – Enter Sandman – Metallica
Superman/banana IC
Crunchy Frog x 15 IC
Tunnel of Love – Locomotive – GNR

Chain walk/Elephant Walk across road – Livin on a Chain Gang – Skid Row

Mosey to field – Smells like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Devin Hester – 1’s get 10 yard head start – 2’s chase – 100 Yard Sprints- Out to get me – (GNR) x3
Losers – 15 Clap Pushups
Winners – 10 Jump Lunges

Railroad tracks – Kickstart my heart – Motley Crue

Consuming Fire – Third Day
God purifies and takes away yesterday and gives you a fresh start – Live on fire for Him today

Thanks to the Pax for putting up with me fumbling with my playlist and weinke this morning. Turns out it’s harder to synchronize music and weinke than was planned
TCLAPS to the pax for willingly accepting my present
I APOLOGIZE greatly for some of the foul language in some of the lyrics. Turns out that finding 90’s music that doesn’t have foul language is pretty hard to do. Who would have thunk it??
TCLAPS to the Pax for getting all but one of the songs correct in YHC trivia game.
Merlot may or may not have been spilled today . . . (Muggy Tape) – YHC is going with that it was

Go Ruck Light
Prayers for Dunphy’s family friend who passed away

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