• When: 04/21/15
  • QIC: Fracture
  • The PAX: Clipboard, Tumbler, Shake and Bake, Dance Machine, Rebar, Toe Ring, Bulldog, Long Haul, Floater, Kakis, Turf Toe, Skelly? (no idea, I coughed when recording sorry), Weekend Special, Cream Cheese, Billy Jean, , Bank Roll, FNG(Fusion), Iron Mary, House, Spackle, Ranger, Potluck, Lt Dan, Dandelion, Digger, Forrest, PYT, The Closer

Just another easy Fracture Q

Shoulders sore yet? If not you weren’t at the Graveyard this AM.  YHC continued his tour of the AOs of Lex this AM, with a nice and easy shoulder burner at the Graveyard.  YHC figured the Pax of the Graveyard could handle a few merkins with PYT and Ranger on the regular Q schedule.  However, I know it was a good day when YHC is asked not to come back, 3rd Q in a row the Q card was revoked, I’m on a roll.  Shawshank you boys are up next!

Conditions: Dry and a slight chill

The Thang: Disclaimer/Prayer Mosey High Knees Butt Kicks

Circle Up on the field

SSH x20

Slo Mo Squat x20

IW x20

Slo Mo Merkin x20

Break up into two groups

Group 1: Start on the goal line run to the far 5 yardline do 5 merkins. Run back to goalline and then back to 10 yardline do 10 merkins.  Repeat until you get to the 50 (275 + 20slo mo=295 for the day)

Group 2: Lunge the length of the field, run the stadium. Broad Jump burpee the length of the field, run the stadium. Lunge the length of the field, run the stadium.

Once finished go straight into other exercise.  Once completed both wall sit until all complete.

Since we are on the wall my as well do one of my favorites, wall mountain climbers x20 IC YES I know mountain climbers in the stadium, don’t worry Floppy Disk no turf was harmed just the Pax’s shoulders.

Luckily for the pax, my five minute warning went off so I had to cut out balls to the wall shoulder taps

5 mins of mary- Plankorama the whole time

Mosey back to the shovel flag

FNG- Steve Ritolla- From Anderson, SC not a Clemson Fan. Went to school here. Medical device sales-spine (spinal tap?) (epidural?) He is Italian (Stallone) back to spine sales.. Fusion


This weekend March of Dimes-Ruck for Babies check Preblast

GoRuck light May 1st

Still need 1 or 2 members to complete two lex BRR teams

Thirsty Thursday this Thursday Keg Cowboy (downtown Lex) 5:30 to 7:00


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