• When: 2019-10-28
  • QIC: Dominion
  • The PAX: Soaker, Cheers , Hoist, Mercy Rule, Scooper, Meatball, Dominion

7 Pax Prepare for the Final Games of the World Series

We started the day discussing activities that occurred last night at the World Series. Apparently there was something from the game that really caught Meatball’s attention. It was a good Segway into today’s World Series themed workout at The Bounty.

Conditions: High 50s and clear


Mosey to the track and take two warmup laps in the reverse direction (clockwise) on the outside lane.

Butt Kicks
High Knees
Deep Lunges

We went in the reverse direction (clockwise) on the track for the first part.

100m backwards pedal run, 100m forward sprint
100m backwards pedal run, 200m forward sprint
100m backwards pedal run, 300m forward sprint
100m backwards pedal run, 400m forward sprint

Mosey to the baseball practice infield next to the tennis courts.

Base running drills
Sprint around the bases, keeping up with the number of runs scored.
Runs 1-4 – normal run around the bases
Run 5 – backwards pedal around the bases
Runs 6-8 – run from home to third to second to first then back home.
Runs 9-14, normal run around the bases
Final run – swing and do your best walkoff home run trot

15 goal runs scored by each Pax.

Mosey back to Flag.


Cheech 10K
Christmas Party – Dec 14
Surge 530 Sunday Runs

Prayer Requests
Raft M
Po Daughter home now

2 pax did a very slight modify today

Running the outside lane only got us .03 extra miles.

Mercy rule had the idea of running the reverse direction around the bases, but when Hoist started backward pedaling, we went with it.

Meatball said all of his homers were in the park, so he was supposed to run faster on the final lap.

Mercy Rule had the best walk off homer trot, almost like he’s been there before.

Some Christmas stories are not eligible for backblast.

We got just over 3.1 miles today