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5 years of this stuff…….

This backblast isn’t going to contain a bunch of mushy, sentimental stuff about how F3 has changed YHC’s life. It’s not going to contain how being around this group of men for the last 5 years has driven me to be a better husband, father, and most importantly, Son of God. Nope, not here. It’s also not going to talk about how it was raining and we sought cover, because that didn’t happen. It rained hard, we worked harder. This backblast is only going to look back at the work 9 dudes cranked out this morning, and look ahead to the next 5 years and the #SadClowns that we still need to reach. If you feel convicted, read on.

Conditions: 61 degrees, wind and rain

Disclaimer and Prayer


  • SSH X 15 IC
  • TTT X 15 IC
  • IW X 15 IC
  • LBAC: Forward X 5 IC, Reverse X 5 IC, Forward X 5 IC, Reverse X 5 IC, Forward X 15 IC, Reverse X 5 IC
  • OHC X 15 IC

The Thang:

Due to the rain, YHC thought it best to stay on pavement. Therefore, with the help of Trackhoe, DriSoket, and Navy Bean, we set up Pain Stations in Lanes. Partner up. Partner 1 will do a down and back in the lane with the help of some of our pain pals (sandbags, blocks, water buckets, etc.). Partner 2 will do a separate, stationary exercise with a pain pal. When partner 1 returns, they switch. When both exercises are complete by both partners, they sprint to the end of their lane and over to the next lane.

Station 1: Partner 1 – Farmers’ Carry water buckets down and back. Partner 2 – Calf raises on stairs. (Water buckets compliments of Muggy Tape – blame him, not YHC)

Station 2: Partner 1 – Bear hug sand bag, reverse lunge down and back. Partner 2 – Bear hug other sandbag and do squats. (*Side note: Reverse lunges while holding a sandbag is frowned upon in this establishment). Many thanks to Field Goal for these delightful sandbags. #CrowdPleasers

Station 3: Partner 1 – Throw GoRuck sandbag (T-Claps NoHelp) and shoulders. Lunge down and back. Partner 2 – Clean and jerk GoRuck sandbag (T-Claps Muggy Tape) until partner 1 returns.

Station 4: Partner 1 – Hold block out from your chest. Side lunge down and back. (More mumblechatter, blah, blah) Partner 2 – Curls for the girls with block.

Station 5: Partner 1 – Rocky Balboa’s on curb. Partner 2 – Side to side line jumps.

Rinse and Repeat until time called.

At this point, the wheels nearly came off. The downpour started.




  • Dam to Dam in February
  • P200 in March

Prayer Requests

  • Diane Wells family


T-Claps to these dudes that came out to support YHC today. If you were going to fartsack, today was the day you dream of doing it. The weather was horrible. If it had been cold and raining like this, I wouldn’t have blamed anyone for not posting. This goes to show that a lot of men of F3 have adopted the mantra of not posting for themselves, but for their brothers. Outstanding work this morning, men. I appreciate you!