• When: 2019-05-21
  • QIC: Grave Digger
  • The PAX: Boucher, Muggy Tape, Beaver Pelt, Lego, Cheers, Magellan, Raft, Soaker, Big Box, Ramrod (FNG), Man Bun, Coondog, Milk and Cookies, Baby Daddy, DooDah, Field Goal, Honey Boo Boo, Hoist, Ponzi, Scotch, Ken Doll, Buzzsaw (RESPECT), Slumlord (RESPECT), Bing, DeVito (FNG), Knozit (RESPECT), Cramps, IR, Chuckwagon, Hulka (sp?), All 9’s, Parking Lot, Dunphy, Iron Mary, Meatball, Fuzzy Navel, Kenwood, Wild Hog, Hash and Rice, Grave Digger

5 Years of #Betterment

So it’s been 5 years since YHC dropped the first #RedPill. A lot has changed, yet the return to Shawshank felt just like old times. The plan was to see about 20 guys in the gloom, but the men of The Hollow had a trick up their sleeves. They decided to join the party and converge at The Shank. Baby Daddy, also celebrating 5 years, got up extra early and made the trip from Aiken. My man, Field Goal even made his return to the gloom. I really hope to see more of that guy soon. So YHC has never really been known to incorporate music into the routine, but these men like to party. So a playlist was whipped up for the occasion in hopes of numbing the pain. Today was a good day. It went something like this…

Conditions: Low 60’s and clear

Disclaimer and Prayer

Slaughter Starter – 20 burpees off the drop.

Follow me to the soccer field for COP.

***All exercises X 20 IC***
Side Straddle Hops
5 Burpees
Through the Tunnel
5 Burpees
Imperial Walkers
5 Burpees
5 Burpees
Mountain Climbers
5 Burpees

Line up on the sideline.

Bear crawl to the middle of the field, then broad jump to the opposite sideline.
Repeato back to the original sideline.
Plankoramo for the six.

Line up on the goal line for…

Merkin/Squat Suicides

Run to the 1st big light pole – 20 merkins OYO
Run back to the goal line – 20 Squats OYO
Repeato for the 2nd and 3rd big light pole.
Plankorama for the six.

Follow me to the super soggy lower soccer field and line up at the bottom of the hill for…


Bear Crawl up the hill – 10 burpees
Run down – 1 Big Boy Situp
Bear Crawl up the hill – 9 burpees
Run down the hill – 2 Big Boy Situps
Repeato until 1 burpee and 10 Big Boy Situps
Plankoramo for the six.

Follow me back to the shovel flag.
20 Merkins OYO while waiting for the six.

Slaughter Finisher – Cash out with 20 burpees


Name-o-rama, COT and BOM


Cody Duncan – Mentioned he was a twin >>> DeVito >>> Twinkie >>> Nah… DeVito it is.
??? – Said he was the POOOOlice. HP guy >>> Farva >>> Ramrod >>> Ramrod it is.


* Jauntlet (running AO version of The Gauntlet) 5/20 – 5/31 – Crusade is tomorrow.
* Shawshank 5 year anniversary WO: 5/28/19 at 5:30 am
* 2.0 Workout – June 6/1

Prayer Requests

Escobar, his M and brand new 2.0
Cowbell recovering from surgery
All unspoken prayers


A lot of fine men have done an amazing job of recapping their F3 anniversaries over the years. I’m not that guy, but I have a few things that I believe in. They are as follows…
F3 makes good men great.
F3 instills a sense of belonging to a special group – one that is focused and purposeful in growing and giving.
F3 is not about you. It’s about us. It’s about them.
F3 has saved lives. I know this in my heart to be true.
F3 men and their combined prayers and support have aided in providing what some might call miracles.
F3 is faith in action. We do not sit idly by and hope that things get better. We assemble and ACT.
F3 is community. It is home.
F3 is about making our kids’ future better than ours.
F3 will give back to you 10 times what you give to it. Guaranteed.
F3 is a gut-check. It will be hard, but it will be worth it.

Stay the course. I promise it’s worth it.