• When: 2018-10-18
  • QIC: Dear Diary
  • The PAX: Buttermaker (Respect), Landing Strip, Wapner, Treadmill, Quisenberry, Granola (Respect), Pocahontas, Tattoo, Shooter, Globogym, FryDaddy (Respect), Wilbur, Kyrie (Respect), Breakfast Club, Pickaxe & Dear Diary

Bus Loop Buddy Beatdown

(16) Pax show up to Turning Point for a Thursday morning Bus Loop Buddy Beat Down and a couple Bear Crawls in the Parking Lot.

Weather: 58 degrees’ish and clear

Disclaimer / BOM / Prayer

COP: Circle up in Front Parking Lot

  1. Some  SSH, merkins & some other stuff

Mosey to Bus Loop, Partner Up for some Buddy Time.

  1. Merkins x 100 (total)
  2. Flutter Kicks x 100 (total)
  3. Carolina Drydocks x 100 (total)
  4. Big Boy Sit Ups x 100 (total)
  5. Squats x 100 (total)

Mosey back to Front Parking Lot. Line up on Left Side of Lot.

  1. Bear Crawl to 1st Light Pole do Merkins x 10 oyo
  2. Run to 2nd Light Pole do Squats x 25 oyo
  3. Bear Crawl to End do Merkins x 10
  4. Run back to beginning
  5. Rinse & Repeat (4 Laps)


  1. American Hammer x 15 IC
  2. Flutter Kicks x 10 IC
  3. American Hammer x 1 IC
  4. Boat Canoe

Announcements: F3 Columbia 6 Year Convergence @ Dreher High Saturday, Go Leo Go (f3leo for 50% off), Cheech 10K & Christmas Party

Prayers: Simon Says traveling today, Hampton Schultz, Corbett Anderson, Harp (Father passed away this week), Swanson (big meeting today), James (3 year) had bone marrow transplant last week

Devo: Don’t be a Sad Clown!!!!! Discussion from Wingman today was what does a Sad Clown look like to you and what did you look like when you were a Sad Clown? Your brothers are here and God Loves you!