• When: 2018-10-18
  • QIC: Eve
  • The PAX: Eve, Rocking Chair (respect), Strut, Chandler, Hemingway

4 is Lame but 5’s a Party

People came from all over to Crypt to experience a Q from Eve.  Rocking Chair made the trek all the way from West Columbia.  Hemingway drove for miles and miles to make it over the the East Side and Strut and Chandler made the grueling ride down Corley Mill.  It was nice out…probably 69.   At first there were just 4 of us, so we prayed and started jogging to the block pile.  Then we see Chandler screaming in on 2 wheels so we doubled back to grab him.  Here’s what we did:

Grab a block and jog back down to the front right parking lot, where Stomp meets.

15 merkins IC

30 squats with block oyo

20 shoulder taps IC

20 flutter kicks with blocks overhead IC

Jog around the parking lot (1/4 mile)

30 chest press with block IC

20 jump squats oyo

20 Block Swings oyo

15 Big Boys IC (we tried)

Jog around parking lot

30 curls with block IC

15 lunges each leg IC

20 Carolina Dry Docks IC

20 Dead lifts with Block oyo

Jog the parking lot

15 Burpees oyo

20 Monkey Humpers IC

20 Overhead Press with block oyo

20 Russian Twists IC

jog the parking lot

15 merkins oyo

20 squats with block

20 shoulder taps IC

20 Flutter Kicks with blocks overhead IC

20 curls with block IC

20 jump squats oyo

15 Big Boys oyo

Return blocks to pile and meet at shovel flag

Announcements:  Leos Pride Race at Saluda Shoals Oct 27; contact Thumbs Up if you want to run or volunteer

Prayer Requests:  No Helps Cousin and Dad, Chips and his family, the victims of the recent Hurricane

People are referring to this workout as the hardest ever at an F3 Lexington workout.  T Claps to all the PAX who farted during the workout, as this really kept up moral during the difficult workout.  They will tell stories of this day for many years to come.