• When: 2020-01-23
  • QIC: Bar Crawl
  • The PAX: Boo Boo, Tardy, Hostel, Fiddy, Adluh, Rumble Strip, Broadhead, Pop-Tort (R), Banjo, Postal, Zappos (FNG), Dawndy, Hot-4-Teacher, Blue Rhino, Over Exposed, No Time

4 Years of Detention

On January 26, 2016, 41 PAX showed up on the campus of Oak Grove Elementary for some #additionbydivision and launch F3 Lexington’s newest AO.  At the time, none could fathom what this lil’ AO would become and how many lives it would change. YHC wasn’t there that day, and spent about 5 months being EH’ed by Tardy and Banjo (with all the normal FNG excuses), but the groundwork laid by those 41 men has impacted me deeply, and for that, I am grateful. 4 years later, we’ve seen faces come and go, we’ve seen numbers go up and down, but Detention has remained a rock solid group of men who are always there to encourage anyone who steps foot on that campus and who are always willing to step up when someone in our community needs help. YHC is proud of these men and their accomplishments! So to honor the original 41, we replicated the very first workout that was done the morning that Detention came to be. Here’s how it went down:

A whole 10 degrees warmer than Thursday! A balmy 35, although some men came dressed for a visit to Antarctica…

7 brave men put in work, including the FNG


Mosey to the basketball court and circle up


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • TTT x 15 IC
  • LBAC x 10 each way IC
  • Squats x 20 IC
  • Merkins OYO x 10
  • Mountain Climbers x 20 IC
  • Merkins OYO x 10


Mosey over to the top of The Principal and partner up
In 2016, OGES was celebrating 200 years in Lexington, so the PAX did 200 reps of the following exercises. Since this was the 204th birthday of OGES, we upped it to 204
Together, while one partner runs down the hill and bear crawls up, the two must complete:
– 204 Donkey kicks
– 204 Peter Parkers
After all were complete, 2:04 of People’s Chair (hands out, up, out)
Complete a lap around the track

Head underneath the awning to the original minnow bucket used by noted fisherman, outdoorsman, and all around sports fanatic H4T for his “Minnow Bucket Massacre” that day.
In the bucket, there were 15 different exercises – the intent that day was to complete 8 of them doing 25 reps of each (200 total) but they were only able to complete 6, therefore we only completed 6. They were (not in order):

Shoulder Taps
Big Boy Sit Ups
Smurf Jacks
Monkey Humpers
Diamond Merkins
Oblique Crunches

Mosey to the bottom of the driveway
From first power pole, squat, tap your ankles, then “frog hop” up the fill facing one direction, then at the next pole, switch directions.
Editor’s Note: I gotta be honest, I was pretty confused how the PAX were able to reverse frog hop up the hill that day. Thankfully, H4T has never seen a real frog hop, so it was more like a sideways jumping thing.

Mosey back to flag and perform American Hammers until the 6 arrived.

The only exercises we missed from the original day were Dying Cockroaches and the Protractor, so feel free to perform those at home today, preferably while the family is eating dinner.




Kendall Haley – recently moved to town, works with Adluh. Decked out in an official Clemson hoodie and purple shoes with tiger paws on them. Home Improvement – Twinkle Toes – Spiller – Tater (already got one) – Mashed Tater – Natty – Banjo kept trying to get Tater – Zappos because of his shoes – Welcome Zappos!


  • Dam to Dam – February 15 – Volunteers needed
  • Newer guys – be sure to follow @F3Detention on Twitter so you can be part of the group chat!

Mail Order’s Dad (prayer and praise)



I chose to use the original devo and commentary from that day, attributing it to H4T. Afterwards, he let me know that the devo was actually done by Treadmill that day, so #TClaps to Treadmill for a powerful devo!

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

-Proverbs 27:17

The Christian life is a pilgrimage. At times the road is difficult, and we get lonely. Sometimes we may become discouraged and consider abandoning the journey. It is at such times that God will place a friend alongside us. One of God’s most precious gifts to us is friends who encourage us and lovingly challenge us to “keep going.”

It is equally important to examine the kind of friend you are to others. As a friend, it is your duty to put the needs of others first (Prov. 17:17). Strive to find godly friends who will challenge you to become the person God desires. When you have found them, be receptive to the way God uses them to help you become spiritually mature. Strive also to be the kind of friend that helps others become more like Christ.

I started F3 almost 2 years ago for the same reason as most of the pax…to get in shape.  I started F3 for me. Quickly I realized that it wasn’t about me. Most workout methods are self centered.  I used to go to “the fern” for me. Seems selfish now as I reflect. I have said many times that there is a Turning Point in one’s F3 journey in which he no longer post for himself, but post for his brothers. Yet it is he that gets better in return.  Accountability in it’s finest form…physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.


  • YHC is honored and lucky to be the AOQ of this incredible group of guys. To watch how they encourage each other while also busting each others’ balls is a thing of beauty!
  • Happy 4 year anniversary! Can’t wait to see what the next 4 years holds!
  • #Kotters to No Time and Over Exposed! Great to have you back out in the gloom!
  • As I mentioned after the devo, remember that you are posting for those around you. There are others looking at you wishing they could be as fast as you or as strong as you, so you are pushing them without even knowing it. Be there for your brother!

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