• When: 2020-01-23
  • The PAX: Socrates, Wild Blue, Smokey, Hall Pass, Convoy & Aim High

One Hundred Forty Nine

Strut 35 degrees, Sun is rising and most beautiful chilly morning .. Humidity 60%.
Strut Elevation 358’..
Great time of year to post and push each other.. Fart Sack is over rated..

FYI you have One Hundred Forty Nine days until Summer, how are your love handles looking? Is the Six Pack solid? How many chins do you have? You can join Jenny Craig or Post to an F3 AO closest to you.  A National study has shown that Men of Strut live longer, retire sooner and exceed the national average for fitness. So if you plan on fitting into that Speedo in 149 Days Strut has the plan..

Warm Up
Mosey around parking lot

Overhead arm claps X10 OYO
Arm Circles X 10
Wind Mills X 10
TTT X 10
Squats X 10
Lunges X10

Chinup Bar Ladder
Chinups 1 – 5 Reps
And while waiting for a bar do the following
Low Planks – 30 seconds
Right side Planks – 30 seconds
Left Side Planks – 30 seconds

Rock Pile – Trade Rocks
American Hammer – 15 OYO
LBC – 15 OYO
Chest Press – 25 OYO
Overhead Press – 25 OYO
Trisep Extensions – 25 OYO
Curls – 25 OYO

Mosey to Hotdog Stand –Run a lap after each excercise
Decline Merkns – 15 OYO
Incline Merkins – 15 OYO
Rows – 10 OYO
Iron Cross – 10 OYO
Flutter kicks – 20 OYO
LBC – 20 OYO
Freddie Mercury – 20 OYO

Whats Happening
Strut Lake Murray Lunch – Steves Famous Burgers Wednesday the 29th  11:45am
Macho Mans Wrestling  Senior Night at DF HS the 29th
Struggle to meet at Anchor the 29th 5:15am Irmo side of Dam for a Kettle Bell Party
Back Pack trip March 14th Table Rock to Sassafras Mtn

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