• When: 2020-03-14
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Dirty Bird (R), Bionic (R), POTUS (R), Chum (R), Fannie Mae(R), Breaker Breaker (R), Hawg Tied (R), Deadstick (R), Freeballer (FNG) (R)

4 x 25 = 100 @Boneyard

Conditions:  A pleasant 57 deg. F brought 8 PAX and one FNG to Boneyard this morning.

The Thang:
FNG!  Dan Nygren, my first FNG Recruited!
Prayer – Keeping social distance, fist to fist

March 12th was the 4th Anniversary of my first workout with F3. In 2016 after being “pestered” (EH’d) several times by Tinkle I finally relented and came to a Saturday workout. Back then, Saturday consisted of a regular workout, not UF as happens most Saturdays now. This is the reason I come to Boneyard on Saturdays. I don’t remember who Q’d, or exactly what we did, but I do remember being worn out from carrying a concrete block around, Indian Run’s and exercises on the football field. And of course, there was something done on the Big-Boy Stairs. While I’m not active in the crazy F3 events such as the P200, D to D, BRR, etc., over the past 4 years, I’ve done a lot of things I never thought I would do. But mostly, I enjoy the fellowship of the F3 men who come each day to gather, workout and pray with each other. For this, I am ever grateful to Tinkle for getting me started!

Warmup:  Walk to the bus circle and warmed up with just a couple exercises, since we’d be doing a variety of exercises with the workout.

  • Through the Tunnel – 10 In slow cadence, Tinkle style.
  • Windmill – 10 IC

Workout:    Walk to the toybox and grab a block or brick, then walk to the band practice field and line up on the goal line. March 12th was not only my 4th anniversary of joining F3, but it is also the 100th anniversary of my father’s birth. So to honor these numbers, YHC decided to take the 4 and combine it with 25 reps of various exercises to make a total of 100 reps. Of course, a 100 yard walk between the 25 reps helps loosen up the kinks.  I thought perhaps we’d make it through the whole routine with the hourlong workout, but with the walking, we still didn’t finish the entire routine, but we did make it entirely through Round 6. Chum thought we should have started with Round 7 Burpees, but the other PAX appreciated the Burpees being last. Perhaps one day I’ll do this on a Saturday at SnakePit and get through the entire plan. 

Round 1
Side Straddle Hop (25 OYO), Walk to far goal line, Plank on the Six. Rinse & Repeat 4 times.

Round 2
Curls for the Girls (25 OYO), Walk to far goal line, Rinse & Repeat 4 times.

Round 3
LBC’s (25 OYO), Walk to far goal line, Rinse & Repeat 4 times.

Round 4 
Merkin’s (25 OYO), Walk to far goal line, Rinse & Repeat 4 times.

Round 5
American Hammer (25 OYO), Walk to far goal line, Rinse & Repeat 4 times.

Round 6
Overhead Press (25 OYO), Walk to far goal line, Rinse & Repeat 4 times.

Round 7
Burpee’s (25 OYO), Mosey to far goal line, Rinse & Repeat 4 times.

Walk back to the toybox and to the flag.




  • April 11th Boneyard get together at Grease Monkey’s house.
  • Heartwalk on March 28th. Deadstick is walking.

Prayer Requests:

  • Coronavirus & Economy
  • Dear Diary and his family. Funeral service is Sunday @ 4:00 pm Saxe Gotha
  • Fannie Mae’s son
  • PAX that are ill.
  • YHC is thankful to be off of the 6 months of Plavix
  • Country

FNG, Dan Nygren, works at Aryzta, works with @Honeybun, likes to walk the golf course while golfing. He picks up free golf balls on the golf course. F3 Name: Freeballer!

BOM fist-to-fist w/Social distance kept

Pledge of Allegiance

Coffeteria @ Chick-Fil-A


My dad in the middle, reading something to us “four little kids” (the youngest 4 of 12 kids). My brother Ray in the back, me to the right, my younger sister Mary to the left and baby Pam front and center.

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