• When: 2019-10-22
  • QIC: Voltron
  • The PAX: : Shandy, Tailpipe, Strut, Rocking Chair (R), Eve, Dr. Quinn, Milli Vanilli, Brownie, Thumbs Up, Buttermaker(R), Airball, Ball Boy. ! Missed No Help and Hanging Chad out there today!


Weather: 65 degrees, misty

YHC is still enjoying the life of a retired AOQ, so today called for a little vacation Q over at Crypt at my old stomping grounds.

The weather forecast called for a lot of rain, but the rain held off. Work was done. The pax seemed adept at anticipating some of the upcoming exercises, but they never did figure out that 27-10 was the score from Saturday’s Citadel-Furman game. The workout went something like this, plus or minus 10 burpees.


The Thang:

Intro, Disclaimer, Prayer and Lord’s Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance.


10 Burpees mini slaughter start.

Mosey up and down the parking lot.

Bear crawl across the yard to the left of the school. Mosey along the left side of the school to the cul-de-sac in the back.


Merkins X 10 IC


Slow-mo Merkins X 10 IC

Imperial Walkers X 27 IC

Little Baby Arm Circles Forward, Overhead Claps, LBAC Reverse X 10 IC Each

Merkins X 10 on YHC’s count

Burpees X 10 OYO


Take a lap or so around the cul-de-sac.

Squats X 27 OYO.

Iron Cross X 10 OYO

Burpees X 10 OYO


Take a lap around the cul-de-sac clockwise this time.


Iron Cross X 10 OYO

Burpees X 10 OYO


Take a lap around the cul-de-sac.

Merkins X 27 OYO.

Iron Cross X 10 OYO

Burpees X 10 OYO


Mosey To The Covered Bridge and run all the way across.

Bear crawl back across the bridge, then lunge up the sidewalk until YHC got tired of lunging.


Mosey back towards the parking lot, stopping at the stairs on the side of the building.

Regular Calf Raises X 10 IC

Toes In Calf Raises X 10 IC

Toes Out Calf Raises X 10 IC


Mosey Over To the upper end of the parking lot.

Elevens – Squats and Merkins

Run to the bottom of the parking lot and start with 10 merkins.

Run backerds up the parking lot and do 1 squat.

Continue on until we ran out of time.

Mosey back to shovel flag.

Flutter kicks X 38 IC for Cheech as YHC always does.




Prayer Requests

Po’s daughter in the hospital

Dr. Quinn’s friend’s son dealing with depression

Other Unspoken requests


  • October 26 Speed for Need race – see Thumbs Up
  • Nov 16 Cheech 5k/10k/Half Marathon
  • Dec 14 F3 Christmas Party
  • Dec 24 Nativity Ruck 5AM – New Courthouse parking lot, bring canned goods
  • Feb 15 Dam-to-Dam relay


Luke 17:11 Healing of the 10 Lepers

Jesus healed 10 lepers and sent them to the priest to be certified as clean. Only one of the ten returned to thank him, and that one was a Samaritan.

Let us be thankful today for our many blessings.