• When: 2020-02-20
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Katniss (R), Honeybun (R), Finch, AWOL (R), Fergie (R), Deadstick (R)

2/20’s at SnakePit

Conditions:  A dry, but windy and cool morning brought six dedicated PAX to Snakepit. Temp: 42 deg F.

The Thang:
Pledge of Allegiance

Warmup:  Warmed up with just a couple exercises, since we’d be doing a variety of exercises with the workout.

  • Through the Tunnel – 20 In slow cadence, Tinkle style.
  • Windmill – 20 IC

Workout:  Mosey to the basketball court behind the school where I had planned the workout on the Wienke. The PAX lined up on the side of the court and listened to the planned workout. It was going to be a 2/20 workout for the date 2/20/2020. The routine would be done like the standard 11’s, but we’d do 2 reps of one exercise on one side of the court, then go to the other side and do 20 reps of a different exercise. The route from one side to the other would be various methods as outlined below. It was obvious after the first two exercises the plan looked better on Google Sheets than it did in real life, so we modified quickly!

Round 1
Side Straddle Hop ( 2 OYO) Bear Crawl to other side
Plank Jacks (20 OYO) Bear Crawl Back and increment by 2

After two cycles of this, YHC modified the bear crawl to go just to the first joint in the concrete. (About 20′)

Lap around the court

Round 2
Monkey Humpers – (2 IC) Lunge
Merkins – (20 OYO)
Lap around the court

Round 3
LBC’s (2 OYO) Karaoke
Squats (20 OYO)

At this point, the time was up. Obviously I was VERY optimistic in my planning. I left the rest in the BB just for some day when we might have two hours to workout!
Lap around the court

Round 4 
Flutter Kicks (2 OYO) Backward Run
Imperial Walker – (20 OYO)
Lap around the court

Round 5
Freddy Mercury – (2 OYO) Bear Crawl
Big Boy Situps (20 OYO)
ap around the court

Round 6
American Hammer (2 OYO)  Lunge
Hillbillies (20 OYO)
Lap around the court

Round 7
Air Squared (2 OYO) Karaoke
Boxcutter (20 OYO)
Lap around the court

Round 8 
Burpees (2 OYO) Backward Run to other side of court
Burpees (20 OYO)
Lap around the court

Mosey back to the flag




  • P200 need another runner!
  • Breakfast of Champions donations bring oatmeal or dry cereal to Katniss. Feb. 29th at convergence.
  • Heartwalk on March 28th. Deadstick is walking.

Prayer Requests:

  • PAX that are ill.
  • Swetlik family and all persons involved
  • Finch’s grandfather passed away, 96 years old


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