• When: 2020-02-21
  • QIC: Penny Stock
  • The PAX: Pepto, Chop Block, Olive Oil, Sweet Tart, Black Lung, Leroy, Pino, Dance Off, Watergate, Steel Toe, YHC

The One Where We Decide We Need A New Ball…

Weather – A cool (35 degrees) and clear morning 

Clash was called to order again this morning at The Pellet Palace for YHC’s VQ. Some regular PAX were out this morning for other responsibilities, but we had enough to play an open 6 v 5 game of futbol on a full field. 

It started with the usual:

  • Disclaimer
  • Prayer
  • Count-off (1-2-1-2…) 

1’s started off with 6 PAX and 2’s with 5, but along the way after the 1’s scored several goals on the 2’s, Black Lung went from the 1’s to the 2’s. 

Now for the highlights:

  1. The glow-in-the-dark ball started off a little shaky. The first goal of the game was made when the ball was dark, so there is speculation if that goal counted (even though it was scored under the lit end of the field). That seemed to be the theme of today’s game. Plus to make things a little more interesting, one of the lights in the ball fell out after a rocket-pass from Steel Toe to Dance Off.
  2. Watergate coined himself as the LVP, or least valuable player due to his turnovers both for his team and against. We’ll just blame it on the lack-of-light from the ball. 
  3. Today was also a day of deflections and one-timers. For instance, Sweet Tart made a cross from the edge of the field to Pepto who one-timed it into the goal. Leroy took a shot from about 10-15 yards out in which Olive Oil was able to deflect it into the goal. There were also some unfortunate deflections, though, such as when Leroy made 2 own goals. 
  4. Steel Toe lived up to his name this morning. He definitely had a strong boot on a couple of balls. One of which he attempted to clear the ball and it flew approximately 50ft in the air and the previously mentioned dart to Dance Off that led the light in the ball to fall out.
  5. Black Lung and Water Gate had to excuse themselves off to the sidelines for a minute from a collision that left both of them on the ground. Everybody was fine, but after that was when Black Lung went from the 1’s to the 2’s. This lowered the risk of them colliding again, and oddly enough spurred on several goals from the 2’s. Coincidence? Maybe. 

Other mentions:

  • YHC tried to pass the ball to Sweet Tart from the 40yd line, but it ended-up going in the goal instead. 
  • Sweet Tart set YHC up with a good ball from a throw in that YHC was able to make my first goal in a while at Clash. 
  • A goal was scored on Black Lung because the ball went “stealth-mode”

Count-a-rama, name-a-rama

Announcements: Frisbee @ Graveyard, Convergence, Cereal and Oatmeal donations

Prayer Requests: Dance Off’s M’s grandfather going into surgery, Watley’s new baby, Dear Diary. 

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