• When: 2019-07-11
  • QIC: Rocking Chair
  • The PAX: Dr. Quinn, Shandy, Ballboy, Ringo, Punchlist, Strut, Breakfast Club, No Help, Rocking Chair(R)


YHC happened upon Brother Improv’s post yesterday touting the suckiness of a workout he had just completed…so of course it was one YHC decided would be a crowd pleaser with the Crypt Pax.  Coupled with the near 100% humidity and a preworkout 3 miler, this workout did the trick.  (It also helped fill several open Q slots when threatened to be used as a filler next week. )

1 min. warning, check for FNG, none, disclaimer, BOM.

SSH x 20 IC

Cardio I: At back parking lot – sprint 100 yards jog 30 yards then rinse and repeat x 3.

Mosey to the Boneyard brick-pile, after stopping half way for some additional warm up stuff.

All Pax select 2 Boneyard, oversize bricks and circle up for the 1st course.

Strength Builder I: Dumbbell Bench press x 20 , in unison.

Dumbbell Overhead press x 20, in unison

Dumbbell Bentover flys x 20, in unison

1 min plank then rinse/repeat  set 2 more times, total of 180 reps

Cardio 2: Sprint 30 seconds, jog 30 seconds, rinse and repeat 3 times

Strength Builder 2: Dumbbell Bench press x 20, unison

Dumbbell Tri Flys x 20, unison

Dumbbell Tri Extensions x 20, unison

1 min plank , rinse/repeat x 2, as above, 180 total reps

Cardio 3: Sprint 30 seconds, Jog 30 seconds x 5

Put up bricks and mosey to the half way back parking lot for

CORE:     V Ups x 20, unison

Dying Cockaroach x 20, Unison

American Hammer x 20, unison

Rinse and repeat 2 x

then mosey back to the flag for Countarama and Namearama

Announcements: 1st annual Crypt Get Together is Sunday afternoon at Rocking Chair’s house, see twitter announcement.

Prayer requests: Maggie and Blindside’s family; Sophie and Red Eye’s family, Training Wheels.

Devo: “Those who cannot serve  cannot lead.”