• When: 2019-10-10
  • QIC: Dominion
  • The PAX: Two Star, Twerk, Rec, Keychain, Curaid, MacGruber, Ken Doll, Juice, Escobar, Net Zero, Bogey, Wee Wee, Miranda, Drysdale, Lt. Dan, Pole Dance, Dominion

17 Pax Celebrate Surge’s 2 Year Anniversary

Surge 2 Year Anniversary Q

YHC was lucky to be on the Q sheet for the Surge’s 2 year anniversary. YHC wasn’t around for the opening of Surge, but wanted to see what the first workout was like. The goal today was to play back some highlights from the first Q. While it wasn’t exactly the same workout, we did play a few clips of the opening day, as well as a few other hits.

I knew we were in for a good morning when 12 showed for SL. I didn’t know we were going to all learn common core math today.

Conditions: 60 degrees and clear

Not a pro

Mosey to side is school
SSH x 20 – Ghost Cadence – all pax had to count silently in their head, and finish on 20 – the pax did not all finish together, so we had a punishment of 2 burpees
TTT x 10 – Ghost Cadence – we all finished this on time – no punishment
LBAC x 10 IC
LBAC Reverse x 10 IC
OH Clap x 10 IC
IW x 10 – Ghost Cadence – we can blame Rec for this one since he couldn’t do the math properly – punishment of 2 burpees

Mosey to BB court

Homage to the opening Q from Wee Wee from Surge Day 1
Burpee Bearcrawl suicides on the basketball court.

5 Burpees at each line (foul line, mid-court, and foul line; 15 total burpees) bear crawl between the lines. Repeat back to the start for a total of 30 burpees.

Karaoke to the baseline and back.
Backwards pedal to the baseline and back.
Forward run to the baseline and back.

Mosey to the side of the main parking lot.

Homage to Escobar Q from Day 1 at Surge
Line up at light pole at bottom of the hill and be ready to go to the next pile at the top of the hill before the circle (roughly 50 yards)

We will do six exercises repeated with six reps at each pole and sprints between the poles. Plank while waiting on the six each each series.

The exercises were…
Hand Release Merkins
Heel Touch Jump Squats
Plank jacks

Mosey back to the playground.

Surge pax are trying to get better at Pull Ups for next years Iron Pax Challenge.

Split into teams of 2. One pax does 6 pull ups while the next runs to the wall and back. Then the partners switch. Come back and wait on the six.
Then 5 pull ups and merkins.
Then 4 pull ups and BBSU.
Then 3 pull ups and squats.
Then 2 pull ups and run to the wall.
Then 1 pull up and two burpees.

This gives us a total of 50 Burpess, representing the 50 Pax that showed up for Day 1 at Surge.

Twerk requested that we do one more pull up and hang for 10 seconds while up. So we did.

There was a lot of miscounting, but we learned common core math well here.

Mary Call Out
Dominion Homage to Abner – box cutters
Pass to Drysdale (FNG on Day 1 of Surge) – flutter kicks x 20 IC – note this was a 3 count advertisement with an actual 4 count, but works for Common Core.
Pass to Homage to Rec – heeeel touches x 10 IC
Pass to Wee Wee – Iron Croce x 15 OYO
Pass to Escobar – LBC x 10 IC
Pass to Lt. Dan – Trump Twist x 10 IC
Pass to Keychain – 5 Burpees OYO



P200- Suerge needs 3 runners

Cheech 100K ‪Nov 16‬

Dam2 – 19 team spaces left – need sponsors also

Speed for Need – Need runners to Push Kids. See Link: https://www.f3midlands.com/columbia-sc/go-leo-go-2019

Sunday Surge Run ‪5:30 am‬

Rec Birthday tomorrow

Escobar running the marathon in Chicago
Other motorcyclist died – prayers for the family, Braniac who has helped with the child

Praise for Rec on good news from concerning his condition

Firefighter who passed and the fire service

Dominion’s brother doing better
Devo – no scripture today, but spoke about patience. Make sure you enjoy your time here, don’t rush through life.


It was refreshing to see Drysdale, who was an FNG on day 1, arrive exactly at 5:09. Escobar said he thought he really wanted his reserved parking spot.

Wee Wee pointed out that we didn’t technically do suicides on the First exercise.

Rec wasn’t happy about adding jump squats to the heel touches.

MacGruber has something to say about BBSU on the concrete. Can’t remember exactly what he said tho.

Rec and Twerk count down from 10 at a different pace. Rec must have some Osterine before workouts.

Juice noted that he can’t do Common Core because his kids do math in Spanish.

LT Dan said we could have called the Trump Twist the Ukraine Twist.

Somehow we counted 50 burpees even though Flipper wasn’t there. Then Keychain decided to end Mary with 5 Burpees. But this still counts as 50 through Common Core.

There is an Escobar Cam on ESPN U for this weekend’s Chicago Marathon

For those interested, here is a link to the first Q at Surge: https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/rocky-creek-ao-launch-party