• When: 3/12/15
  • QIC: Grave Digger
  • The PAX: Meatball, Weazy, Watson, JJ, Scooper, Elmers, Malfunction Junction, Hot Spot, Slumlord, Buzzsaw, Bearded Lady, Heisenberg, Knozit, GED (Respect), Muggy Tape, Mayhem, Lego, Genie, Optimus, Recall, Scotch, Hash N Rice, Notebook, Pajanimal (Respect and Welcome!), Field Goal, Fat Tire, Grave Digger.

Party at Shawshank

Once again, the men of Shawshank did not disappoint. By the time the convoy stopped, there stood 27 men with their game faces on, ready to bring it. After a quick disclaimer and prayer, they rolled out to the COP. From that point forward they reminded YHC of why these grounds and these men hold such a special place in his heart. The words “tenacious”, “determined” and “selfless” come to mind. These men left everything out there, and when they had nothing left, their brothers were right there to pick them up or push them the last 5 yards. To me, THAT’S what it’s all about! ***Special thanks to Pajanimal for making the trip over to check in on Shawshank. YHC hopes it was worth his time.***

Conditions: 60 degrees and muggy. Light drizzle

Disclaimer and Prayer


**Follow me to soccer field.***



Merkins X 10 IC


Burpees X 10 OYO

Windmills X 20 IC

Merkins X 10 IC

Imperial Walkers X 20 IC

Burpees X 10 OYO

Double Applesauce X 1 lap around track.


***Line up on end line and PARTNER UP***

Wheel Barrow to midfield – Flapjack  back to start line.

Fireman’s Carry to midfield – Flapjack back to start line.

Partner Bear Crawl to midfield. Partner Bear Crawl back to start line.

Partner Crab Walk to midfield. Partner Crab Walk back to start line.

Partner Sprint to midfield. Partner Sprint back to start line.

Plank until 6 arrives.


***Follow me to brick pile and grab 2 bricks each.***


***Dufresne’s Loop*** (Bricks do not touch the ground for the duration.)

Split into (2) groups

1’s start on the “grass side” of the boardwalk.

2’s start on the “concrete side” of the boardwalk.

1’s begin with 20 curls for the girls.

2’s begin with 20 low squats.

2’s run to the end of the sidewalk at the turn. Drop and perform 20 BBSU’s, then run all the way back to the beginning of the loop for 20 CFTG’s.

1’s move to 20 low squats, then to 20 BBSU’s, then around the loop to the beginning for Lap #2.

Both groups complete (2) laps for a total of a ½ mile run, 40 CFTG’s, 40 LS’s and 40 BBSU’s.



***Follow me and deposit bricks at brick pile, then mosey back to the shelter.***





As stated previously, YHC is honored and proud to call the men of Shawshank his brothers. YHC assumes that other AO’s  feel the same about their own. If that’s the case then each one of you know at least a few #SadClowns that NEED to have what we have in their lives. YHC encourages each of you to look at yourself when you first started this “thang”, and then look at yourself now. Are you better? In what ways are you better? My guess is you like what you’re becoming. You can thank your brothers for being a big part of that change. YHC couldn’t be more grateful.



  • 3/13 – GORUCK Heavy
  • 3/20-21 – Palmetto 200
  • 4/11 – USMC Ultimate Challenge Mud Run
  • 4/18 – Quarry Crusher Run
  • 5/1 – GORUCK Custom Light

Prayer Requests:

  • Continued prayers for Walker and also his entire family.  Recovering from a stomach bug (whole family).
  • Wayne (Grave Digger’s friend battling cancer), Nana (Grave Digger’s wife’s grandmother. Passed away yesterday at 94 years old), Ernie (Grave Digger’s friend in hospital).
  • Mayhem’s wife’s grandmother.
  • Keep Clinch and his family in your prayers as he prepares for a long deployment to the Middle East.
  • Bearded Lady – Going to be traveling with work through Thanksgiving. Safe travels!

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