• When: March 12, 2015
  • QIC: Dunphy
  • The PAX: Flip Flop, TriDelta, Honey Bun, Cool Runnings, Donatello, Harp, Dunphy, Twinkie (FNG Ashley Meetze)

Stairs of Misery Tour

Awesome 62 degrees
1 FNG 


3 Pax got up extra early from their comfy fartsacks for a 3.3 mile Stridelite Run.  We passed by Chinstraps house and thought of waking him up but he needed his beauty rest for the upcoming GORUCK HEAVY.  Nothing funnier than a Sleep Deprived Chinstrap.  Enjoyed it.  Thanks Donatello for guiding us through his hood.  We might have ended at Boiling Springs if I led.

8 pax came out to the beautifull 62 degree morning for a Dunphy beatdown.  Started up top with COP so we would not miss the FNG who went to the wrong entrance.  FNG Twinkie arrived so we restarted the SSH to help him get warmed up. YHC first time to Q at the infamous SnakePit.  All I know is there a lot of stairs, so we made use all of them with the Stairs of Misery Tour.  Merkins and BBSU at each of them.  See the breakdown below.  Did not hear much mumble chatter  since we got spaced apart.  The BBSU on concrete was not a fun sensation on the old tailbone. DARN I forgot my YOGA MAT!  Once finished, AMRAP Pull Ups or a version of it while we wait for the six.  Moseyed to the practice field for some Prisoner Lunges and Carolina Dry Docks.  Finished off with some Marys.  YHC loves his MERKINS so we ended with MERKINS Called by Q.  A great way to finish off the workout.  Fantastic effort and hard work by the pax.  Plenty of potential challenging workouts at Snake Pit with their equipment and terrain. YHC is already scheming for his next beatdown.

FNG Twinkie ( Ashley Meetze ) Currenly works at UPS but used to work with his buddy Honey Bun at  Otis Spunkmeyer. Honey Bun needed a playmate so  Twinkie was born.  Welcome Twinkie!

  • Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC
  • Through the Tunnel x 20 IC
  • Wind Mills x 20 IC
  • Side Straddle Hops x 20 IC
  • Imperial Walkers – x 20 IC
The Thang..Stairs of Misery Tour
  • Stairs #1 10 OYO Merkins at bottom,  1 BBS
  • Stairs #2   9 OYO Merkins  at bottom,   2 BBS
  • Continue to each staircase to 1 Merkin, 10 BBS
  • Pull Ups when done
Lunges & Dry Docks
  • Starting at Side Line
  • 5 Prisoner Lunge  5 carolina dry docks
  • 5 Prisoner Lunge 10 carolina dry docks
  •  Repeat until 20 carolina dry docks
Marys & Merkins
  • Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
  • Leg Tucks X 20 IC
  • LBCs X 15 IC
  • Boat/Canoe
  • 10 Merkins Called by Q
Announcements & Prayer Request:
  • Rooney, will have an MRI today, pray for a good report.
  • Praise and continued prayers for Dunphy’s mom and her recovery.
  • April 11: Ultimate Challenge Mud Run. This is F3’s Super Bowl. Register from F3 PREBLAST
  • April 18 Quarry Crusher Run/Ruck
  • April 25 Battle Frog
  • May 1: GORUCK Custom Light.
  • July 10: GORUCK Columbia Challenge

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