• When: 2019-09-12
  • QIC: Dear Diary
  • The PAX: Booster, Boo, Swanson, Treadmill, Quisenberry, Dance Off, Pickaxe, Wapner, Candystripe, Tater, Canseco, & Dear Diary

(14) or (12) Pax are treated to a ride on the Tunnel of Love!

Weather: 1,000 degrees & humid

Circle Up, Disclaimer, BOM & Prayer

SSH x 20ic
TTT x 20ic
LBC (Front) x 20ic & (Back) x 20ic

mosey to the raised circle behind the school. All Pax grab a spot on the wall and get into the people’s chair. Indian Bear Crawl around the circle till last Pax is finished.

Move to the grass and make a Tunnel of Love. Each Pax army crawl thru the tunnel.

mosey to the steps for some Calf Raises (Front, Out & In x 20oyo)

Mosey to upper basketball court. Line up, lunge to 1/2 court, bear crawl to opposite end line and do (10) Merkins. Rinse & Repeat going back.

Mosey back to steps for more calf Raises (15 front, out & in x 15 oyo)

Most to the park benches. Dips x 20oyo, incline Merkins x 20 in TEMPO, dips x 15oyo, Merkins x 15 oyo.

Mosey to lower basketball court and grab a partner. Partner 1 backpedals across and back while partner 2 does BBSU (50 combined) FLIP FLOP till done. Next exercise partner 1 lunges to 1/2 court then runs to end line, then lunges back to 1/2 court and runs back while partner 2 does BBSU (50 combined) FLIP FLOP to done.

Mosey benches @ teachers lot. Dips x 20oyo, Step ups x 20oyo, dips x 15oyo and step ups x 15oyo.

mosey to the shovel flag for Mary

Freddy Mercury’s x 20ic
LBC x 20ic
Boat Canoe (on my call)


Announcements:  Craig Summerall going to bahamas (contact Ranger if interested in donating money or supplies), dam run final year & Smokehouse 911 event 9/22

Prayer Requests: Corbett Anderson, Swanson & Family, Lanham Family, Boo’s M (last round of chemo today) & Dance Offs M!