• When: 2019-09-12
  • QIC: Pothole
  • The PAX: Favre, Lunchable, Fools Gold, STH, Moose, Milkman, Laettner

No Legs; All Arms.

So some famous band that originated at the University of South Carolina decided to hold a concert last night. Some of the Depot chat PAX may have attended and had a full night to which they were too tired to attend a Pothole Q. At least one of the 8 PAX that showed up this morning was at the concert and still posted (Moose continues to set the bar – clearly it trumps a supposed Uno game win by Devito). The other PAX must have had too many White Claws or those beer flavored waters, also known as Michelob Ultra. But the 7 that showed up (other than myself) couldn’t care less what kind of pain YHC might bring.

76 degrees, partly cloudy.

Thanks to a harsh landing during last Saturday’s handball game, YHC is nursing a bum ankle. Not the kind of injury that is keeping Soft “Cankles” Toss away from the gloom, but an injury nonetheless. So I made sure to let everyone know there would be absolutely NO running.

This is all really hard and you should go home right now. Quality over quantity. Don’t do something you know is going to hurt yourself.

Through The Tunnel x 10 IC
Imperial Walkers x 15 IC
Little Arm Circles – Forward x 15 IC – Reverse x 15 IC

Tha Thang:
Grab a block and head to the large soccer fields.

Merkins on the block x 10 IC
From here on out, “Recover” is on your knees.
1. Five Merkins on the block, toss your block out in front of you, bear crawl to your block. Rinse and Repeat until you get halfway across the field. Plank on your block until the 6 (which was accounted for) catches up.

2. Leave your block. Bear crawl the other half of the field. Plank until the 6 catches up.

3. Inchworm with a Merkin back to the middle. [Inchworm with a Merkin: Stand; kneel down as if you were about to do a Burpee; with feet planted walk your hands until you’re in the Merkin position; do one Merkin; walk your feet to your hands; Stand].

4. Five Merkins on the block, toss your block out in front of you, bear crawl to your block. Rinse and Repeat until you get back to the start point. Plank on your block until the 6 catches up.

5. Bunch closer to the left. Left PAX passes his block to the right and bear crawls to the end to receive his block. Rinse and repeat until everyone has passed their block. Continue for 3 passes.

6. Bear crawl to the middle of the field.

7. Inchworm with a Merkin back to your block.

So there is one block in the pile affectionately known as “Chippy”. He’s old. He’s got some real estate missing in various places. And he feels like he’s made from Styrofoam. He also has convenient handles unlike most of the other blocks. For these reasons, everyone loves Chippy. He was especially popular during the block throw and the pass through. So, in order to give others an opportunity to be friends with Chippy, I called the audible that the first PAX back to the line could steal Chippy from it’s current owner, Fool’s Gold. Now, because I rock at anything bear crawls and inch worming (the exercise), I announced that I would take myself out of the running for Chippy. Moose volunteered to remove himself – but for other reasons – like, because he’s slow. Technically, I finished first, but it’s all about the PAX, so the real winner was STH – with a solid effort right at the end by Lunchable. However, STH is a #HIM and decided to keep his big block and allow Fool’s Gold to retain temporary ownership of Chippy.

8. Pass through to the left x 3 rounds until we’re back at the start point.

9. 10 final Merkins on your block.

Stand and return your block. Meet at the parking lot for Mary.

LBC x 15 IC
Flutters x 15 IC
American Hammer x 15 IC
10 Big Boys OYO



– Handball returns again on Saturday
– Frisbee, Friday @ 0500, Riverland Hills Baptist Church Soccer fields