• When: 2020-02-20
  • QIC: Dominion
  • The PAX: Keychain, 2 Star, Rec, Twerk, Tupperware, Bogey, Doogie, Mr. Ed, CureAid, Escobar, Miranda, Dominion

12 Show For a circuit workout at the bus loop

YHC wasn’t originally on the Q sheet today, but I got a call from the bullpen and came up with a plan.

Conditions: Upper 40’s and cloudy

2 min warning, 1 min warning, Intro/Disclaimer, Not A Professional, No FNGs, Prayer

The Thang:

Mosey the long way to the loading

SSH In Ghost cadence x8 – Pax failed so 2 burpee penalty

Imperial Walker in Ghost cadence x12 – Pax failed so 4 burpee penalty

LBAC front and back plus OH clap IV x 15

Grab blocks

Go to bus loops for a 4 Stations Rotation circuit workout.

Station 1 – Block Station:

Rotate exercises on each lap (plank while waiting on 6 before starting next lap)

Lap 1 OH press x25

Lap 2 Triceps x25

Lap 3 CFG x25

Lap 4 Kettlebell swings x25

LBC Station: x 25 each lap

Backwards jog to station 2 each time

Station 2 – Squat Station x 25 each lap

Bear Crawl to station 3

Station 3 – LBCs Laps 1/3 and BBSU Laps 2/4 x25

Karaoke to station 4

Station 4 – Merkins Laps 1/3 and Dips Laps 2/4 x25

Mosey back to station 1 and start next lap after 6 arrives – plank while waiting

Return blocks and mosey to SF for call out Mary

2 Burpees – Dominion

6 Inch Heel Touches – Red

Iron Cross – Mr Ed

LBCs – CureAid

Low Plank – 2 Star

Merkins – Twerk

Recover to flag



6 year convergence Feb 29

Prepare for Dam2Dam 2021 – 2/20/21 per video?

Prayer Requests:

Wee Wee injury

Keychain Niece

Rec request

Tupperware request

Bogey Aunt



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