• When: 2017-12-19
  • QIC: Ranger
  • The PAX: The Nature Boy (R), Breaker Breaker (RR), Shadow, Netflix, Short Haul, Gremlin, Joe Pa, Tumbler, Hopper (R), House (R), Digger, Ranger (R)

12 for 12’s at Graveyard

12 Pax posted for some 12’s workout in the staduium. Weather was perfect 55 with a light breeze. Great seeing some newer faces and some older faces that came back out. We missed Spackle!

Mosey to the Field

SSH x 20 IC
TTT x 20 IC
IW x 20 IC

Mosey to the stands for round 1 of 12’s
Run up the stands 11 Squats
Run down the stands 1 Merkin
Repeat subtracting one squat and adding one merkin each round until you reach 1 and 11

Mosey to the field for round 2 of 12’s
run to the 10, 11 merkins return to the goal line 1 burpie
run to the 20, 10 merkins, return to the goal line 2 burpies
Repeat adding 10 yards each round, subtracting one merkin and adding one burpie until you reach 1 and 11

Line up for Ab Work:

LBC x 20IC
Iron Cross x 20 IC
Heal touches x 20 IC
Flutter kicks x 40 IC
Boat Canoe x 20
Spider man x 20 IC
Merkins x 20 IC

Mosey to the Flag


New Years Convergence LHS, January 1 @ 7:00

Prayers, unnamed pax and family, Diggers Daughter (surgery), Praise Blindside’s Daughter

Devo: Breaker Breaker Shared Proverbs 27:17 Iron Sharpens Iron
Luke 2:11 A Savior Is Born