• When: 2017-12-12
  • QIC: Cowbell
  • The PAX: Coon Dog, Ex Lax, Cheers, Taurasi (R), Buzz Saw (R), Knozit, Elmers, Bing

12 Days of Christmas

9 Pax came out to get better together on a perfect 41 degree morning with a nice wind to blow off the stink. Q decided to get everyone in the Christmas spirit and do the 12 days of Christmas exercise.

Mosey around the sidewalk of the big soccer field, then circle up. It didn’t take long before the pax realized what they were to expect this morning. All exercises x 12

SSH, Emperial Walkers, Windmills, little baby arm circles (12 each direction), hold arms out during mumble chatter, overhead claps.

We all saw Elmers pulling up in the pimped out mini van and we knew he would leave if we didn’t go pick him up. So all pax mosey’d to the shelter then the big soccer field and circled up.

On the 12 Days of Christmas your Q brought you:

1- Burpee

2- Tuck Jumps

3 – Squats

4 – Lunges (each leg)

5 – Diamond murkins

6 – BBSU

7 – Little Baby Jesus Crunches (LBJC’s)

8 – Spiderman murkins

9 – Mountain Climbers

10 – Hip Thrusters

11- Flutter kicks

12 – Hydrolics (one full rotation x12)

You added all the exercises together, just like the song.

Mosey to the shed, 12 reps of:

Dips, decline murkins, supermans (IC), incline murkins, box jumps, dips, decline murkins, BBSU, flutter kicks, American hammers, incline murkins, and finally box jumps.


Christmas party this Friday.