• When: 2019-05-09
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Puck, Happy Trees, Hollywood, Shankopotamus (respect), Rabbi

11s at Smokehouse

Conditions: 62 degrees, muggy, slight breeze

The pax gathered around to witness my “Smart watch” try to figure out what time it was. It was 4:57 on my watch with Happy Trees said we had another 5 minutes.  Then when asked again a few minutes later HT said it was 4:57 and my watch agreed. Then when HT said it was time (3 minutes later my watch said it was 5:03).  Either way, it was about 5am which means its time to get after it.


LBAC forward and backward 10 IC

Imperial walkers 10IC

Mosey to the track and around the track over to the blocks

All the Pax grabbed a block and 2 bricks and headed over to the bleachers

The Thang

11s with RR STOP and Block Thrusters with 10 Box Jumps just for fun

RR STOP – Renegade Row with Squat Thrust and Over Head Press X 10

Brief description of movement – Merkin, Row, Merkin, Row, Merkin, squat thrust and overhead press all with bricks in your hands.   That’s 3 merkins, 1 row for each arm, a burpee without the hop and an overhead press per rep

10 Full box jumps. Don’t just put your feet on top of the step and then hop back down.  No. Jump up on the bleacher and stand all the way up with a little hop at the end

Block Thruster – Squat Thrust to overhad press with the block. X 1

After each round, reduce the number of RR STOP by 1 and increase the block thrusters by 1 while doing 10 box jumps each time.

Put the blocks and bricks up and mosey back to the absentee shovel flag. Once back to the flag, HT was consulted about the time and it was determined that it was 5:45 and thus time to call it a day.

I must say that I was really looking forward to the mumble chatter from the pax the morning but the light crowd and the beat down kept it to a minimum. Turmeric supplements and how many pax had broken ribs during Saturday morning ultimate games were discussed.

For you numbers Junkies:

165 Merkins, 55 rows per arm, 55 Block thrusters, 100 box jumps, 1 morning conquered


Poultry Festival 5K (F3 dominance a must have)

Lexington runner safety campaign – 5/13 just show up and run in your high vis/light up gear.