• When: 05/09/19
  • QIC: Roommate
  • The PAX: Soft Toss, Milkman, Purdue, Laettner, Neckbrace, Turkey Burger, Hostel, Box Wine, Buddy Love, Darla, Moose, Blart, Arrears, Gerrymander

I really ought to come up with a theme

Fifteen pax came out to experience another Roommate Q where we did a bunch of running and heaving around blocks with no apparent regards to logic or simple decency.


Disclaimer while running

Grab a block and go to the upper soccer field.


  • SSH x 10 IC
  • LAC x 20 IC
  • TTH x 10 IC
  • T-claps x 10 IC

Partner up

After a bit of confusion, the pax doubled the amount of running for The Thang by questioning the Q’s logic. Thus, whilst Partner 1 ran the length of the soccer field and back, Partner 2 did work as follows, the flapjack.

  • Curls for the Girls
  • Shoulder press
  • Incline merkins
  • BBS
  • Chest press
  • LBC
  • Flutter kicks
  • Iron crosses
  • Jump squats

Neckbrace kindly improvised some Mary while waiting on (Soft Toss And Roommate) the six.

Return the blocks and proceed immediately to Suck Hill. 

Partner 1 bear crawl to the top of the hill then perform 10 glorious squats. Flapjack.

To the parking lot for some Mary, wherein we learned that Soft Toss just counts at random speeds while he may or may not be doing the actual exercise.


Prayer requests: Nutmeg’s father as he continues to fight cancer.


Fine work by the men of Depot. I always feel better after a morning in the gloom (and a nap), so it’s a wonder I don’t do it more often.

Shoutout to Gerrymander and Purdue for joining us from Foxhole.