• When: 2020-02-06
  • QIC: Inspector Mom
  • The PAX: GraveDigger, Scotch, Stalker, WildHog, Dangle, Kenwood R, Imom

100% unplanned beatdown

7 Pax showed up and found the rain parted long enough for 45 mins of solid work.

Weather 64 Damp


The Work:

Long loop running around campus with pain stations that included: circle of fire with pushups, box jumps, step ups, dips, decline pushups, sprints, lunges. You get it.

Short loop around the school ode to AOQs: JJ-Cherry Pickers GD-Slaughter Starter Scoth-V ups Imom- Sprints IronMary- Thrusters Kenwood-Fireman Carry

worked hard and finished off crossing the 3 mile mark for total distance at BC


Dam to Dam, GoRuck Heavy, Dam to Dam Volunteer meeting

Prayer Request:

Dear Diary, Imom Cousin, Marriages, Scotch’s Dad

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