• When: 06/09/15
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Chum, Giggles, Permit, Blackout, Freon, Yellowcake, Blindside, FDIC, Say What?!, Ginger

10 Pax get a lesson in statistics at #Boneyard

YHC always enjoys the camaraderie of the Pax, and strives to capture the bonding/brotherhood that occurs in the #Gloom in each Backblast…however I don’t think I can do justice the solid #mumblechatter we had this morning at #Boneyard.  And for all those that don’t believe me, there is actual thought & statistics behind the dice game.
Thanks for the push, encouragement & laughs this morning, brothers.

Conditions: 71 & threatening rain/lightning.  All talk & no action.  I wish I could say the same for Blindside this morning.

The Thang:
COP (all IC)
30 SSH
10 Lil Arm Circles fwd/bkwd
20 TTT
20 Squats
20 Windmills

DICE GAME w/ more props
1 pax rolls 2 #mandice.  Evens = merkin reps (plank until all finish/between rolls).  Odds = LBC reps (6″ until all finish/between rolls).  We roll until all combinations (2 thru 12) have been rolled.  For extra fun, a kettlebell & cinder block were added to the pax immediately before the dice roller.  Dealer’s choice on the kettle bell exercise & chest press for the cinder block @ the same # of reps as the dice roll.

20 more squats following the game for good measure.

Dealer’s Choice Mary (all Pax Q one exercise)
Iron Crosses
Imp Walkers
Russian Twist
Mtn Climbers
Guantanimos!!!!!! #crowdpleaser


No Crypt, Boneyard, Graveyard this coming Saturday (6/13) due to the Color Run.  Dad’s & 2.0s will converge @ Shawshank.
Prayers continuing for Walker, Audra & all.
#Kotters to BreakfastClub!!!

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