• When: 06/08/15
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Ranger (Respect), Dandelion, Quest, Spur, Fast Casual, Flapper, Pepto, Chandler, PYT, Fracture, Handball (NO Help), Forrest, Mac, Knozit, Tumbler, Recall, Floppy Disc

A Nice Friendly Game of Soccer

The 3rd outing of Monday morning soccer was upon us. The first game saw small numbers, but the second brought out some semi-professionals. Who knew what the 3rd would bring us. Pele`, maybe? YHC was excited to Q this installment, and already looking forward to the 4th. The rising humidity does make this fast/slow twitch exercise-fest a little more difficult.

Conditions: 71F, 91% humidity. YHC was dripping from the time the car door opened.

Opening Prayer

The Thang:
Head down to the field and move the near goal into position. After moving of the goal, take a lap around the field for some warm up, then don the jerseys. Yes, we were out of balance at the start, but YHC didn’t bring the pennies. There just happened to be more yellow than reds, and it just happened that one of the semi-pros had to wear the yellow. YHC also didn’t tell the red team, but the red team’s goal was actually a couple of feet closer to mid-field, effectively giving them a short field. The yellow team, would have to capitalize on their speed, and keep the ball on the opposite side of the field as much as possible. The plan worked perfectly, as the old ball coach was heard commanding his troops to get the ball on the other side some more. Regardless, we all had fun.

Reminder, the rules of the game:
1. When someone scores, offense runs 50 yards, defense runs 150 yards. YHC can’t remember the score, but the Red team did run a couple more times than the yellow team.
2. No goalies. One time the ball appeared to have been punched away from the yellow team goal, but YHC interviewed the ball and it stated it was just scared of the goal and took a hard left on its own. It had nothing to do with a marine that tends to not be helpful.
3. There really are no rules, and after awhile the outlines become faded.

40 minutes of actual game time, and about 3 miles of running later, probably more for the red team, and we had to call it quits.


Lots of runs coming up.

Prayer Requests:
1. Audra is still in the hospital
2. Sebastian still going for treatment for leukemia
3. Take-a-number’s wife having gallbladder surgery

Closing Prayer

No there weren’t any face shots, but a couple of missed opportunities. No one knows it or not, but one pax landed on his face, hopefully no concussion. Another pax was chastised for a classic soccer stunt of faking an injury, but some people just heal faster than others. Who’s to say his ankle wasn’t really broken. A few rockers even made there way on to the field….YHC thinks they liked it. Heck, Mac, even worked on a day off to come out kick a few balls around. Who doesn’t want to do this?!? We’ll you kids next time.

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