• When: 11/20/14
  • QIC: Plan B and Gerrymander
  • The PAX: Uncle Rico, Mellow Yellow, Phone Booth, Pothole, JD, Slate, Overruled, Bogey, Swampy, EZ, Bumble Bee, Roommate, First Base, Gerrymander, Plan B

You Will Feel It The Morning After

15 Pax made their way to the Depot for the VQ of Plan B with a side of Gerrymander.  After EHing Plan B for a while to take the reigns and Q, he finally stepped up and didn’t disappoint.  The mumble chatter from the Pax was high this morning making for a fun but strenuous workout.  The workout was a good overall beat down including cardio,blocks and some close bonding between the Pax.  After all was said and done you are guaranteed to feel it “the morning after”.


Double applesauce 1 lap (upper field)

-Circle up -SSH x 15

-Imperial Walker x 15

-Through the tunnel x 15

-Little Arm Circles (15 forward & 15 reverse)

1) Next exercise –  4 Corners

Find a partner, does not have to be same size

team must split 50 reps at each corner

Four stations – b/t stations sprint sidelines, lunge end lines

-Sprint to Corner 1 – 10 burpees

-Lunge to Corner 2 – 20 Monkey humpers

-Sprint to Corner 3 – 30 Squats

-Lunge to Corner 4 – 40 LBC

2) Next exercise – Stations (corners & midfield)

after each corner, both partners to midfield split 20 merkins

-Corner 1 – Squat jumps

-Sprint to midfield – 10 merkins

-Corner 2 – Carolina Dry Docks

-Sprint to midfield – 10 merkins

-Corner 3 – Russian twists (2 count)

-Sprint to midfield – 10 merkins

-Corner 4 – flutter kicks

-Sprint to midfield – 10 merkins

Gerrymander takes over

Grab blocks and meet in the middle of the upper soccer field

Circle up with blocks to each Pax right

Ring of Fire on blocks x10 x15. All Pax not doing Merkins alternating between up and down position.

Squats all the way down on blocks holding hands for support  (oh the comments that were made) x20

Squats all the way down on blocks with staggered stance.  Left foot forward x15, right foot forward x15



Everyone should have received the email about the Christmas party.  If you didn’t get it, contact Uno.

Thursday Tuesday next week instead of Thursday.

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