• When: 10/18/14
  • QIC: Meatball
  • The PAX: Meltdown, Kiffin, Purple Haze, Gravedigger, Scooper, Meatball

Who Knew Meatball Had Arms?

(written by Meatball and posted on his behalf)

5 pax plus YHC came out in the gloom at #Shawshank for a Saturday morning beatdown. The weather was perfect. Some of the pax wanted to know if we were doing a lot of running and some wanted to know if we were doing a lot of upper body work. Some didn’t say anything at all and welcomed whatever was about to come their way. YHC is in need of the upper body work for the upcoming GoRuck in November, so for the ones who wanted the upper body work, today was their lucky day.

Conditions: 56 and perfect

The Thang:
Mosey over to soccer field
Smurf jacks – 25 IC
TTT – 15 IC
Little Baby Arm Circles – 10 Forward and 10 Backward – IC
Merkin – 16 IC
Mountain Climbers – 16 IC
Plankjacks – 15 IC
SSH burpees – 5 SSH IC then 1 Burpee, rinse repeat until 5 burpees for a total of 25 SSH and 5 Burpees
Mosey over to hill
Jacobs Ladder
Run up hill 7 burpees, run down 1 bbsu
Run up hill 6 burpees, run down 2 bbsu
Rinse and repeat until 1 burpee and 7 bbsu
Plankorama when done
Mosey to shelter
12 incline merkins on bench
12 incline merkins, 12 step ups
12 incline merkins, 12 step ups, 12 tricep dips
12 incline merkins, 12 step ups, 12 tricep dips, 12 crunches with legs on bench
12 incline merkins, 12 step ups, 12 tricep dips, 12 crunches, 12 decline merkins
Rinse and repeat with 6 each time
Mosey to brick pile
Circle up for rings of fire
Everyone doing curls, first pax does 20 shoulder presses. When done with the 20 shoulder presses, he runs around the circle. When he gets back to his spot in the circle, the next pax starts. Continue until all 6 pax are done.
Next, all pax do overhead t-claps while first pax does 20 tricep extensions. When done, pax runs around circle…..This sounded like a great idea on paper, however, the pax decided to increase their number of tricep extensions and challenged each other to do more and more. Thanks Meltdown for the idea. YHC was last and must have done 100 overhead claps until it was my turn to do the tricep extensions. Then was challenged to do 41 tricep extensions. Challenge was accepted and completed.
Return bricks
Mosey to soccer field
Line up on goal line. Lunge to 18 yardline and do 10 squats. Lunge back, 10 squats.
Bear crawl to 18 yard line, 10 BBSU. Army crawl back, 10 BBSU.
Dealers Choice
Flutter Kicks – 25 IC – Scooper
Carolina Dry Docks – 20 IC – Gravedigger
Heel Touches – 20 IC – Meatball
Imperial Walkers – 20 IC – Kiffin
Return to Shelter


Hard work put in by all pax. Great to see the progress being made by all pax. There’s something to be said about a smaller group. Great 2nd F.

– Go Ruck training M, T, Th, F, Sat at RBHS
– Go Ruck event 11/21
– Turning Point changing time to 5am next Tues and Thurs, 6:30 on Sat
– History Ruck on Sunday, 10/19 from 3pm-5pm
Prayer Request:
– Continue prayers for Walker and the Phillips family
– Pajanimal – Back
– FDIC – Knee

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