• When: 10/18/14
  • QIC: EZ
  • The PAX: Bogey, JD, Stagecoach, Crooked, Shakespeare, Selife, Swampy, Scotchguard, Silverfish, A1A, Penguin, Uno, Crash, EZ, FNG Myrtle

Fun with Bricks and Blocks

What’s more fun than an hour long work out on a Saturday morning at 6:30?  Working out for an hour with bricks and blocks.  15 unsuspecting Pax, including 2 from other regions, and 1 FNG showed up at Depot on a beautiful fall morning for a beatdown at the hands of EZ.

Conditions: 60 degrees and beautiful

The Thang:

Take a lap around the track and circle up in the middle:

Windmills x 15 (IC)

Through the tunnel x 15 (IC)

IW x 15 (IC)

SSH x 15 (IC)

Little arm circles x 10 forward and back (IC)


Grab 2 bricks and head to the upper soccer field and finding a partner on the way:

Gather in the center of the soccer field.  From there, the Pax went to each station below (rotating around the outside of the soccer field), coming back to the center to do 25 shoulder presses with the brick between each station:

1. Corner 1 – 50 Merkins each

2. Corner 2 – 50 Curls each

3. Mid-field – 50 Russian Twists each

4. Corner 3 – 50 Decline Merkins each

5. Corner 4 – 50 Squats each

6. Mid-field – 50 Iron Crosses each

The intent was to move as a group and encourage each other, and the mumble chatter during this part was great.  The entire group motivated each other, while also asking YHC to ensure plenty of arm work would be done during the workout.  Little did they know at the time, we were just getting started.

After completing the entire circuit around the field, the group moved to the sidelines of the field with their partner.  This group of exercises was done with one partner staying on the sideline completing an exercise while partner 2 did some sort of exercise across the field and back.  Once partner 1 returned, they switched places, and partner 1 did the exercise across the field and partner 2 was stationary:

1. Partner 1 – overhead tri-cept extensions / Partner 2 – sprint across field and back

2. Partner 1 – flutter kicks / Partner 2 – bear crawl half way, sprint to other sideline and back to start

3. Partner 1 – big boy sit-ups / Partner 2 – lunge walk half way, sprint to other sideline and back to start

4. Partner 1 – curls for the girls / Partner 2 – inch-worm half way, sprint to other sideline and back to start

5. Partner 1 – shoulder press / Partner 2 – bear crawl half way, sprint to other side and back to start

6. Partner 1 – overhead arm claps / Partner 2 – crab walk half way, sprint to other side and back to start (One of the Pax actually requested overhead arm claps here, so YHC was happy to oblige)

After being gassed and ready for a break from the bricks, we moved back to the brick pile and put them down……and picked up a cinder block.  Circle up in the middle of the track for some fun with the blocks.

1. Curls for the girls x 25 (IC)

2. Overhead press x 20 (IC)

3. Overhead tri-cept extension x 10 (IC)

4. Line up on the side by the track – one hand farmers carry across field, switch hands at other end and back across field.

5. Circle back up for goblet squats x 10 (IC)

Put the brick to the side for some Mary:

1. Flutter kicks x 30 (IC)

2. LBC’s x 20 (IC)

3. Boat/Canoe – led by Crash

4. Hello Dolly – led by Penguin (visiting from Spartanburg)

5. I have no idea what to call these, but start in a plank position, rotate to a crab-walk position, and continue to rotate over to a plank position, finish with a push-up.  Rotate back to the left to a crab-walk position, continue to rotate over back to plank and finish with a push-up. – led by Crooked (visiting from Swamp Rabbit)

Put the blocks up and head to the flag for COT


Great work by all the Pax this morning.  The mumble chatter was at a very high level this morning.  I am not sure if it was the cool weather that had the Pax feeling talkative, but it was much enjoyed and made the work suck a little less. Also appreciate having a few Pax from out of town this morning, and hopefully they found the workout challenging enough to come back out whenever in town.


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