• When: 09/11/14
  • QIC: Garmin
  • The PAX: Softail, Tuff Guy, Ramblin Wreck, Alter Boy, Ginger, Garmin

Welcome to the Jungle!

6 pax arrived at the new AO to YHC blasting “Welcome to the Jungle” from his car. With an AO name like “Jumanji” the workout would surely be themed. Fortunately for the pax, YHC was unable to locate any costumes in time.



First, we needed to mosey around so that YHC could orient himself a bit, this was his first visit to the AO. After thoughtfully hydrating our shoes on a freshly sprinklered baseball field, YHC thought it would be best to circle up on a not-field.

25 x SSH
20 x Imperial Walker
15 x Merkin
10 x TTT

Then we located a more different field that seemed slightly less wet. Our thought was not entirely accurate.


4 times around the bases, each time has a different animal theme. Stop at each base for some exercise. Merkins at first, squats at second, plank jacks at third, and always 10 burpees at home plate

Round 1 – Bear crawl, stopping for 25 of each exercise
Round 2 – Crab walk, stopping for 20 of each exercise
Round 3 – Frog jumps, stopping for 15 of each exercise
Round 4 – Bunny hops, stopping for 10 of each exercise

Mosey around for a minute then stop at some picnic tables.

2 minutes of step-ups
1 minute of step-ups (trying to get over half of reps from first round)
30 seconds of step-ups (trying to get over half of reps from second round)
15 seconds of step-ups (trying to get over half of reps from third round)

Mosey back to parking lot for Monkey Humpers and Russian twists.


Tunnel the Towers 5K on the 19th


Walker Phillips
Family and Victims of 9/11

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