• When: 11/06/14
  • QIC: Ginger
  • The PAX: Columbo, Kipper, Ramblin' Wreck, Alter Boy, Tuff Guy, Ginger

We found a waterfall at Jumanji!

6 Pax converged in the seasonably pleasant Gloom unaware they were about to play some Jumanji games and search for a waterfall.  Well they found the waterfall, but it was surrounded by piles of bricks.  Great work today by all as some of the segments weren’t exactly clear/fluid.  Lots of effort & clear evidence that posting will help you #GetBetterBeBetter.

Conditions: 61 & pleasant

The Thang:
Warmup jog around the path

20 Thru the tunnel IC
10 Lil Arm Circles (then reverse for 10)
20 Imp. Walkers

Duck duck goose (pax all do HOLD exercise while one does WORK & then a lap around the group)

Round 1 // HOLD: squat position, WORK: Squat x 5
Round 2 // HOLD: high plank, WORK: Merkins x 5
Round 3 // HOLD: six inches, WORK: Flutter Kicks x5
Did a 2nd round w/ 10 reps each, except we cut off Round 3 due to moving to more fun.
Brick Mayhem
2 uneven teams.  2 piles of bricks.  Do 5 merkins before going to the opposite team’s base & stealing up to 2 bricks back to your base.  Poor brick-to-Pax ratio led to just a bunch of running with bricks (always a good thing, just a little too random for YHC’s liking…more work to be done on this one…)
All Pax SSH & continue until each has done the work.  WORK: 10 merkins, 10 squats.  After 1st Pax completes work, go back to the SSH while the next Pax does work.  Work around the circle.
Round 2: “Rest” High plank: WORK =10 Mtn, Climbers & 10 LBCs
Round 3: All curling bricks.  WORK = 10 triceps extensions, then 10 upright rows.
Dealer’s Choice Mary
Dying Cockroach – Ginger
Boat/Canoe – Tuff Guy
Reverse crunches – AB
Russian Twist – Ramblin’ Wreck
Big Boy Situps – Kipper
6″ & Hello Dollies – Columbo

~Save the date for Dec 19th F3 Lexington Christmas Party.  Details forthcoming.
~Lex Convergence THIS SATURDAY.  Only workouts will be CORE @ Crypt (6:15) & Graveyard @ Graveyard (7am)

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