• When: 11/6/2014
  • QIC: Donatello
  • The PAX: Chinstrap, Harp, Mule, Liberace, Misty, Ponzi, Rooney

F3 Hunter-Gatherers Earn Their Breakfast

Conditions: Comfortable, low 60’s



The Thang

YHC was so inspired by Tuesdays Malfunction Junction Q honoring the M’s and child bearing – I came up with my own themed Q for Thursday.

Its no secret YHC is a staunch proponent of a Paleo approach to nutrition. If you can’t pick it, pluck it, or stick it – then it doesn’t belong in your body. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors lived remarkably long lives without the chronic diseases that plague modern society, provided they could survive early in childhood disease.

Taking a cue from hunter-gatherer societies, YHC decided we were going to earn our breakfast the prehistoric way – go find it and bring it home to the village.

Mosey to the field before heading out

SSH – 20x

TTT – 20x

LB Arm Circles – 10x

Big Arm Circles – 10x

Deep squats – 10 OYO

The Expedition Begins

The Tribe heads across the field and out of the village. Hunter-gatherers have to climb a lot, so an AMRAP of pull-ups seemed to be in order.

Pull-ups – AMRAP

The tribe headed out in search of big game. We hit the cross-country loop on the perimeter of the school for a nice run (half mile or so).

Run Half Mile (approximation)

The tribe was a little loud with mumble chatter. Not sure they were feeling the hunter-gather inspiration. We can’t have that; it will scare away the game – 25 lunges should quite down the tribe.

Lunges – 25x

After another short run, our prey sniffed us out, so we had to run double time for 200 yards to track down the prey before it got away – couldn’t go home empty handed. What would the M’s think?

Sprint – 200 yards

We caught up with the prey but it wasn’t going down without a fight.

Tire Flips – we rotated flipping the two tires until the prey gave up. Around 12-15 flips total per person or so.

Now we had to get it back to the village and celebrate.

Run Half Mile (approximation)

After a nice trot back up to the school – we decided to chop the kill up and carry in pieces. It’s just easier that way. Everyone grabs 2 cinder blocks and off we go, back to the village fire pit, which was conveniently about 150 yards away (thanks to the White Knoll Pep Rally).

Big Boy Brick Farmers Carry – 150 yards

Beaming with pride from our accomplishment, the M’s and 2.0’s remind us we forgot the vegetables. To take out our frustration we threw the kill around in anger.

Cinder Block Swings (like kettle bells) – 10 IC

Cinder Block Up and Overs – 15 IC

Cinder Block Squats (more of a dead lift) – 10 IC

Cinder Block Presses – 15 IC

After expressing our anger, we set off to find the vegetables as instructed. We recalled seeing some back at the field we started in. As we maneuvered towards the field, a rival tribe spotted us. To avoid being seen we bear crawled 50 yards, escaping without incident.

Bear Crawl – 50 yards

Heading toward the vegetable field, down the big boy stairs we went to the field we spotted the vegetables in earlier.

Oh SNAP! There is tiger coming out of the trees.

25 Merkins -> Sprint the big boy stairs

Coast is clear so back down we go – wrong

15 Merkins -> Sprint the big boy stairs

Coast is clear again so back down we go – wrong again

10 Merkins -> Sprint the big boy stairs

End with 25 BBSU

Moleskin: The workout was deceptively challenging. We did pull-ups, tire flips, farmers carry, big boy brick work, bear crawls, merkins, stairs, sit-ups, with a good bit of running in between. YHC is feeling it this afternoon. Should make the GoRuck simulation more interesting tomorrow.


Announcements / Prayer Requests

GoRuck/GoRuck simulation

Julep, Wedgie, Pantyhose and the new 2.0’s


Prayer – Donatello



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