• When: 11/06/14
  • QIC: Nikita
  • The PAX: Convoy, Sand Dollar, Futon, Enos, Lamot, Pebbles, Quarantine, Nikita

Nikita’s Anniversary = Russki Remembrance of Pain

8 pax posted at Strut for Nikita’s anniversary Q. What a year it has been! Plenty of ups and downs with injuries, but nevertheless it has been life-changing. Here’s to another year in the gloom! INCREDIBLY SPECIAL THANKS TO PEBBLES WHO ASSISTED MY DL’D BACKSIDE IN GETTING THIS DONE. YOU DA MAN!!! COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU.

Conditions: Perfect

Phase 1: (10 min)

–          Run to near field


–          30 side-straddle hops

–          20 windmills

–          20 IC through the tunnel (Pebbles)

–          20 IC squats (Pebbles)

–          20 IC Big Boy Sit-ups (Pebbles)

–          Werkin, Merkin, Serkin, Derkin

–          30 high knees

Phase 2: (25 min)

–          Indian Run to football field along path

–          Russian Relay: Line up along sideline. All pax do burpees while each takes a turn in sequence along the line running to the opposite sideline and back, tapping the next to go. Rinse, Repeat with flutter kicks instead of burpees.

–          Soviet Suicides: Pair up, one partner does high knees while other goes endzone to endzone. Then merkins, then flutter kicks.

–          Pebbles’ Playground – Dips x 20 OYO (Pebbles)

–          Pebbles’ Playground – Decline merkins x 20 OYO(20) (Pebbles)

–          Pebbles’ Playground – Jump ups x 10 OYO (Pebbles)

–          Pebbles’ Playground – Dangling monkey pull-ups (Pebbles… he had a better name for them)

Phase 3: (10 min)

–          Mosey back to parking lot

–          20 Little baby forward arm rotations (with bricks) (Pebbles)

–          20 Little baby backward arm rotations (with bricks) (Pebbles)

–          6 min of Mary!

o   20 LBCs

o   20 Russian Twists (with bricks)

o   Clock Planks (Pebbles)




  • Napalm’s family – mother-in-law in poor health
  • All races and activities – for safety

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