• When: 2022-01-07
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: FN3, Floppy Disk, StubbedToe, Steel Toe, Pinot, Pennystock, Sweet Tart, Watergate, Canseco, DARPA, Stinkbait, Buttermaker, ET, Paparazzi, Booster

Ultimate Frodgeball at Clash

Olive Oil handed off Q responsibilities to YHC for the day while he was DR so instead of traditional UF that the PAX have got used to, we added the dodgeball element for a great game of Ultimate Frodgeball. For those wondering at home here are the (very fluid) rules:

Offense plays standard Ultimate Frisbee rules, the catch is, the Defense has 1 player with a Dodgeball that can throw it at the Frisbee or the Player holding the Frisbee to create a turnover. On turnover the Frisbee and the Dodgeball change hands and play continues. 

  1. Dodgeball can be deflected with the Frisbee
  2. Players can act as shields for the dodgeball or deflect an incoming shot
  3. Dodgeball can be used to hit the Frisbee mid-air 
  4. Dodgeball thrower has to remain the same on defense until a TD is scored by either team and cannot be the same player back to back

Top 5 Clash happenings:

  1. We learned today that Ultimate Frodgeball and controversy go hand and hand (in a good way). Any time a game is made up (thanks to F3 Cherokee The League), the rules are sometimes either forgotten or not established yet for a specific situation that has yet to happen… so the rules are pretty fluid and they typically are created (and then modified) to favor the team YHC is on. Certainly the case today even in the losing effort, but the PAX were willing to roll with it.
  2. Floppy Disk had a brief stay in the concussion protocol… after the inadvertent shot he took from Stubbed Toe. Instead of taking him to the tent for evaluations, Canseco made the evaluation on the field, asking him how many fingers he was holding up and when Floppy replied correctly Canseco cleared him from the protocol. Modern day medicine at work.
  3. ET took home the hardware this morning. Guy was a stud all over the field. With a 7 month old at home, the spring in his step as evident today makes it pretty apparent that his M is taking one for the team and handling the middle of the night duties to make sure ET is fresh and ready for gametime. Honorable mention to ET’s wife holding down the homefront. I know she will be proud of the hardware now propped up on the mantle.
  4. For the record, it is amazing how much fear a small, round, foam-filled ball can instill in the hearts and minds of grown men (YHC included). Standing fetal position, eyes closed, seems to be the go-to position to absorb the dodgeball when thrown. Guys lets make sure to ice all of our bruises inflicted from the dodgeball tonight.
  5. Great turnout today- 15 PAX on a pretty chilly January morning with some regulars DR. Maybe Olive Oil will forget next week is futbol and we can lace up the kicks from some more frisbee fun next week.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama

Prayer requests- Sunday Driver’s Dad, No Show, Garth’s family

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