• When: 
  • QIC: Chernobyl
  • The PAX: R2D2, Selfie, Soccer Mom, JD, Swampie, EZ, Myrtle, Chernobyl

Train Provides Warm-up for the Pax

8 pax brave the rain (and snow mix at one point) and cold to be reminded why this AO is nicknamed “Depot”.

CONDITIONS: Rain and 35 degrees with intermittent snow.



Mosey to collect cinder blocks and then circle up in playground area.

The first exercise is….. TRAIN!!!! All pax proceed to Burpees. I think most of did at least 20 by the time the train completed its evil passage. WELCOME TO F3 DEPOT!!!

IW x 21 IC
TTT x 16 IC
Fingertip squats x 21 IC
Plank/Big Boy Merkin with pauses at 90 and chin touching (Q call)
BBC x 16 IC
Bent over row with block x 21 IC
Squat with block x 22 IC
Shoulder press with block x 16 IC
Flutter kicks x 32 IC

Mosey with blocks to top of driveway hill:

Jog down hill–do 15 BBM’s
Sprint up hill–do 15 BBC’s and 10 Shoulder presses with block
Rinse and repeat until Q calls stop.

Mosey back to playground…

People’s Chair x 60+ seconds
Pull-ups x 10 (4 sec negative in lieu if necessary)
Partner up for Iron Crosses x 20
Rinse and repeat x 2

Run hilly half mile
10 pull-ups
10 BBM’s



To be honest, if I wasn’t the Q, I would have fartsacked. I respect and admire all the men who braved the elements voluntarily this morning to better themselves. And it reminds me why I love being a part of this thing we call F3.


* Starting Monday, 11/3 “The Murph” workout will be done at Depot every Monday morning. Not sure of exact time, but my assumption is 5:15 or 5:30.

* #TTHH British Bulldog 5:30pm. Group is growing. Come for an hour or whatever you can give. Great 2ndF.

* 2ndF F3 Columbia lunch downtown in Vista at Chipotle, noon.

* Tomorrow, 2nd F F3 Lake Murray lunch in Lexington, Salsarita. Some of proceeds go to Nail Pop’s family to help with care for Walker #Walker Strong!

* Alternates for P200. Some men may later have conflicts and need to drop so alternates will have opportunity to join one of four Lake Murray teams running in March.

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