• When: 11/03/14
  • QIC: No Help
  • The PAX: Moonshine, PYT, Malfunction Junction, Hanging Chad, Blindside, Grave Digger, Candy Stripe, Field Goal, Quest, Dunphy, Muggy Tape, No Help

12 pax post for some Chilly and unscheduled wet GORUCK Training

YHC slowly woke up this morning, turned off the alarm, and checked the weather…no surprise, it was cold.  He removed his self from the fartsack as his M asked him why in the world he was up so early, needless to say he was wondering the same thing.  The answer to that question was that he had the Q for some chilly GORUCK training, so he got up and dressed and headed on out into the gloom.  YHC arrived at the AO, let out a big yawn and removed the two 50# coupons from the back and gathered the crowd of eager and prepared pax for a fun trip rucking around the AO.  Those who were out and about this past Saturday morning shared some of their battle stories, we welcomed our newest HC (Dunphy), then we prayed it out, rucked up, grabbed the coupons, and off we went.

Weather: 31° with a chance of sprinklers

The Thang

Ruck up, grab two 50# coupons, form two columns and head out toward tennis courts, turn right and head up hill and then head up grassy hill.

Coupons down – COT (Stop #1)

Little Arms Circles x 20 IC (10 front, 10 rear)

TTT x 20 IC

Slow count Merkins x 10 (hold in down position 1 second x rep number, so 1 sec for rep 1, 2 sec for rep 2, etc)

Lunge to farthest tree, bear crawl back to coupons – stay together as a team.  Grab coupons and continue journey.

Lunge for about last 50 yds before Stop #2

Stay in columns, drop coupons

50 squats

Rucks off, hug ruck – 10 slow count squats

Rucks overhead – 10 slow count presses (hold in up position 1 second x rep number, so 1 sec for rep 1, 2 sec for rep 2, etc)

50 ruck presses, hold up for 10 seconds on last rep all together

Ruck up, grab coupons, continue journey

Stop #3

Drop coupons – Two Tunnels of Love, one for each column.  Go length of concrete pad.  Get back into two columns and bear crawl as a team back to coupons.  Grab coupons and continue journey.

Stop #4

Stop in front of grassy hill that leads up to the #Crypt field

Pax holding coupons stay at the bottom doing squats and shoulder presses, remaining pax bear crawl up hill as a team, walk down as a team

Pax holding coupons switch, rinse and repeat

Continue journey up to Crypt field, go through sprinklers (what a pleasant surprise!)

50 Squats – sprinklers shut off right at the beginning, luckily they were still on further down the field)

Form single line facing down field, lunge as a team halfway down field through sprinklers

Get back into two columns, continue journey back to starting point

Arrive at final stop, coupons down, rucks off and over head

Rucks overhead – 10 slow count presses (hold in up position 1 second x rep number, so 1 sec for rep 1, 2 sec for rep 2, etc)

As a team, hold rucks overhead for 10 seconds



YHC thought back on what all the pax have gone through so far and the transformation that has taken place.  He thought back to the sim that took place less than a month ago and looked forward to this morning, what a difference preparation has made.  Teamwork is now a given, no individuals, we all suffer together.  Needless to say, it is inspirational what a group of dedicated F3 brothers can achieve.

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