• When: 08/28/14
  • QIC: Toothpick
  • The PAX: Mungo, Rafter, Money Penny, Sparky, Light Bill, Zamboni, Flux, Dirt Bag, Major Pain, Hall Pass, Stirrups, Brother Si, Uno, Toothpick.

Thursday Morning Lights

With the start to the college football season upon us, YHC thought it was time for a little friendly competition amongst the PAX at Speedtrap. With an assist from Hall Pass, the lights came on and there was epic levels of mumblechatter and copious amounts of punishment dished out for playing bad football.

Conditions: 65 degrees and cool (perfect football weather)
The Thang:

Very quick COP
IW x 25
Through the Tunnel x 20

Count off into 1’s and 2’s to determine teams. White team=1’s, Dark team=2’s. Team has 4 downs to put it in the endzone. Punishment exercies were administered for the following infractions; offense scores=offense chooses exercise for the defense. Defensive stop=defense chooses. Interception, fumble or turnover on downs=recovering team chooses exercise.

There was so much chatter out on the gridiron this morning, I swear I saw Richard Sherman…or was that Mungo? The Dark team took a commanding 2 TD lead and dished out 10 burpees and 20 merkins as punishment to the White team for their failure to stop this offensive onslaught. The White team then said “enough” and on the arm of Money Penny came back to knot the contest at 14 all. The Dark team was not amused at having to do back to back 10 x burpees as punishemnt. The two teams then found thieir stride and traded TD’s-dry docks and LBC’s were administered. Speaking of stride, everyone seemed to get a step or two slower as the game progressed…perhaps the PAX were finding that the O2 levels were in short supply after running go route after go route (#handsonhips). As time was winding down the White team pulled away and took the first annual Speedtrap Bowl 28-21.

Good work this morning men. It feels like this workout had a little of the first 2 F’s involved as the fellowship was noticeable-special thanks to Bro Si and Uno for making the trip and adding to the mumblechatter levels.

-Crooked 5K this Saturday at Crooked Creek. There is talk of a quick COP to get warmed up around 7:30.

-Tunnels to Towers 5k coming up-9/19 at 7PM. More info here: http://tunnel2towers.org/event/tunnel-to-towers-5k-run-walk-south-carolina/

Walker and his family have moved to Atlanta for further treatment. Continue to keep the Phillips family in your prayers.

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