• When: 08/28/14
  • QIC: Garmin
  • The PAX: Flip Flop, Julep, Ponzie, Panty Hose, Bunny Slope, Chinstrap, Spirit Fingers, River Dance, Garmin

Merkin Man visits the Snake Pit

9 pax arrived for the Snake Pit debut of “the merkin man.” The Snake Pit has some great facilities, lots of fields, pull up bars, and some great stairs…but we don’t need all that fanciness, we stayed in the parking lot. Also, the “merkin man” came to play.



Explain “the merkin man.” Count off and recognize who has the number after you. Throughout the 45 minutes, someone is doing merkins, this person is “the merkin man.” They do merkins and then pass it off to the next man, who continues with the running total. The last time YHC did a merkin man workout there was 27 pax, so it was going to be tough with 1/3 of the men.

A lot of this workout was improvised, YHC will include what he can.


SSH x 20
little arm circles x 20
mountain climbers x 20
imperial walkers x 20

Line up on the curb
alternating lunges to the first “island”
then sprint back to the curb
alternating lunges to the second island
sprint back to the curb
alternating lunges to the third island
sprint back to the curb

circle up around the merkin man for some more COP type exercises
(a few exercises in, the focus shifted toward ab work)

line back up on the curb
sprint around the first island and back to curb
do 10 squats
sprint around second island and back
20 squats
third island
30 squats
40 squats
50 squats

Circle back up around the merkin for more ab focused exercises until time expires


Great job by the pax. With only 9 men, the pax racked up an impressive 2091 merkins throughout the workout. That’s an average of about 232 merkins per person.

For those keeping track, Shawshank racked 2090 and Snake Pit totaled 2091. The Snake Pit boys did have the advantage of knowing Shawshank’s total ahead of time, and some of the Shawshankers were doing clap merkins and such, but Snake Pit did have 1/3 of the guys.

As time was close to expiring, YHC advised Spirit Fingers (the last merkin man) of how many merkins were left to pass Shawshank’s record, he stepped up and knocked them out. T-Claps.


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