• When: 2018-09-06
  • QIC: Tuber
  • The PAX: Sweater Vest, Creole, Road Rage, Flux, Squirrel, Grillz, Rafter, Carpool, Reload, Cheddar, Seesaw, Howler, Sparky, Anthrax, FNG Bob Breunig Inspector Gadget, Tuber

Three years in…

YHC has been sporadic at best at posting for bootcamps of late, but here we are in early September, which means that an F3 anniversary is at hand. It was imperative that I sign up for the customary anniversary Q, and this was that day. Wanted to provide something special for the PAX, so it was time to break out the cones and glow sticks for some old fashioned pain stations.  Was very glad to see 16 total PAX converge for the festivities.  Said festivities played out like so…


The conditions:  74 and gross

The Thang:

As YHC arrived right exactly at 0515 from station setup, the disclaimer was issued quickly on the way to the COP, then reiterated prior to embarking on our journey. There would be running, but all PAX were encouraged to modify as needed.  We also had an FNG, and it was great to have him with us


COP at Grassy Knoll

SSH X 15

IW X 15

TTT X 15


Mosey to top of hill.  Disclaimer repeated


Starting at top of hill, YHC has set up 8 stations, marked with cones.  Each station had an exercise listed on it.  The PAX were to run to the first station, partway down the hill, complete the exercise, then run back to top of hill.  Then we ran to the second station, completed exercise, and turned around and ran back to first station and completed that as well.  We would repeat this process the entire way, advancing one station each run downhill, then completing all exercises at stations on way back only.  The stations were farther apart as they progressed and went all the way down to shed at the end of the road.

Stwtion 1:  25 Squats

Station 2: 25 OAC

Station 3: 25 Monkey Humpers

Station 4: 25 LBC

Station 5: 25 Plank Jacks

Station 6: 25 Iron Crosses

Station 7: 25 Lunges

Station 8: 25 burpees (idea being save the best for last)

We ran short on time, so much to the chagrin of the PAX, burpees were not able to be completed, although Sparky made it to the end of the road to retrieve the cone for me and covered 3.62 miles total.  This workout may have been better suited to a Saturday full hour time slot.  Rookie Q planning.  Tclaps to everyone, this was a good push.  Whilst none of us finished, Sparky, Grillz, Seesaw and Carpool got pretty darn close, Cobains if I forgot any names right there with them.

Return to flag, no time for Mary

Count and Nameorama – 16 PAX total today  great number!

FNG Bob Breunig.  Federal Agent—>Inspector Gadget

NFL Pool, see Anthrax for details.  Thursday games will not be included this year.  For entertainment purposes only.

Prayers for The BRR runners, Stirrups, Howler’s brother in law having kidney surgery to remove a tumor (Rick Lewis).  Per Howler, surgery went well and is recovering.

Creole is our anti Nike Q, see him for further details.  He prefers active group texts for communication.

Howler has 4 year Q Tuesday.  Be there.

Closing Prayer and Devo, with encouragement from Squirrel to stay in touch with once another outside of workouts.  Many of us have done less well with this recently (YHC definitely included).


Enjoyed the the last three years, guys!  Let’s all keep it rolling